13 September 2015


 September 13, 2015

Thakur International offers BPO services in the area of Customer Care, Human Resources, Finance and Administration and acquisition and Supply Group Management as there high demand to develop, grasp market share and drive customer sincerity and support. Identify how can we innovation processes to deliver quantitative business outcomes for clients in a range of  markets and industries.

BPO Service Provider in Nepal

Thakur International offers comprehensive BPO services across multiple business processes and functions, finance and accounting, acquisition, marketing, supply chain, Human Resource and learning. It offers Business Process Outsourcing services importance to the unique needs of particular industries such as telecommunications networks, utilities, healthcare, credit services, pharmaceuticals and more. We focus on the following five dimensions:

  1. Producing perceptible business outcomes like enhanced financial performance, customer acquisition, good employee retention, and increased sales in addition to cost efficiencies.
  2. A complete way that looks at your business in its entirety and complex, beyond any single project or functions.
  3. Ongoing, analytics-based insights driven by our deep functional experience and industry.
  4. A guarantee to unity and association, and a partnership mindset that results in raised value for our clients over the long term.
  5. The ability to support complex, transformational change for your organization.

In the context of Nepal, there are some BPO service provider which are providing BPO services. These BPO service provider services different kind of services in different industry; financial services, travel and transportation,  healthcare and sanitation, telecom, electronics, retail and consumer product etc. Thakur International is one of BPO service provider for your services.

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