7 May 2016


 May 7, 2016
BPO services from Nepal to UK
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Thakur International offers Business Process Outsourcing from UK to Nepal

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Business Process Outsourcing is the best idea of transforming organization’s repeated core and non-core business process to an outside provider to manage cost reductions while improving service quality and effectiveness. To achieve the improvement in business, outsourcing should be carried out in business because it helps to develop all types of business effectively. Effective BPO encompasses much more than just changing which is important for performing the process. In BPO, the outside provider not only takes on the responsibility to manage the business process. BPO is specific from information technology outsourcing, which is focused on hiring a third-party company or service provider to do information technology related activities, such as application management, application services and development, data center operations and many more.

To carry out business through outsourcing in UK, large number of opportunity and challenges should be facing.

  1. Customer facing: Business Process outsourcing spans the front office process which is very challenging task in UK.
  2. Generic business: Business Process Outsourcing should be span back office process also.
  3. Business specific, operational: Business process Outsourcing in UK should be play middle role in business process. Outsourcing plays the mediator role between customer to customer, business holders to business holders as well as product to product. That is also one of the challenging task and opportunity to innovative on business.
  4. Expensive cost:  Cost is an expensive in every sector not only business outsourcing more than Nepal. Outsourcing in Business at UK not an easy task because there are lots of challenges then Nepal.

Uses of BPO in Business

Use of a BPO as opposed to an application service provider usually also means that a certain amount of risk is transferred to the company that is running the process elements on behalf of the outsourcer. BPO includes the software, the process management, and the people to operate the service, while a typical application service provider model includes only the provision of access to functionalities and features provided or served up through the use of software, usually via web browser, mobile apps to the customer.

BPO service is common for organizations to outsource financial and administration processes, call center service and customer service activities, human resources functions and accounting. These outsourcing deals generally involve many year contracts that can run into hundreds of millions of dollars. Generally, the people operating the task internally for the client firm are moved and become employees for the service provider.

Significant of BPO in Business with Thakur International, Nepal

Business process outsourcing has been arranging businesses with a way to cut costs for years, but current information technology tendency are shaking up the sector, putting CIOs at the leading edge of planning. A pure and perfect as well as capable storm is in development, with customers searching to cut additional back-office costs due to continued economic pressure, while suppliers are trying to create innovational services and the earnings that go with them. There is some significance of Business Process Outsourcing services to grow business.

  1. There has been an increase in requirement for the services of professionally expert technicians with the formation of technical institutes
  2. Communication services like education, entertainment and the right to information by the public is more significant.
  3. Causes of increasing standards in education there is an expanding and rising demand for educational services. Primary, secondary, higher secondary schools (H.S.S), junior degree colleges are the institutes which are in high demand. As the number of students rises the need for private classes, tuitions, etc.
  4. Banking services have become necessary to meet financial requirements of the public, national and international industrial sector.
  5. Personal care services are essential to developing the capacity of an individual for a good personality and positive background image.
  6. Electricity services are required for the benefit of society, industry and so on
  7. The tourism has geared itself to make the tourists enjoy the holiday time in the places of their interest and take them away from the repetitive existence of cities.
  8. As the natural resources are decreasing and the need for conservation is developing we see the coming of service providers like pollution control agencies.
  9. The development of information technology has given rise to services like the World Wide Web. Professional requisite need a change when technology develops and emerge. This requires proficiency in the management level by giving a jump to abilities.

The main advantage of BPO, it is the way in which it helps increases a company’s flexibility. The risk associated is the major drawback with BPO. Outsourcing of an Information System, for example, can cause security risks both from a communication and from a privacy perspective. Thakur International offers a secure and trust environment for your information security in Nepal. Others can be: from a knowledge perspective, a changing attitude in employees about the process, underestimation of associated costs and the major risk of losing independence in the project, outsourcing may lead to a different relationship between an organization and its contractor. We have been considering risk and associated mitigation approaches. Potential risks and threats of outsourcing must, therefore, be managed as per project requirements, to achieve sustainable benefits. In order to manage to outsource in a structured way, maximizing positive outcome, minimizing associated risks and avoiding any threats, a Business management team is set up at Thakur International.

Service for Business process Outsourcing from UK to Nepal

Thakur International services considering your business:

  1. Outsource non-core activities to concentrate on their own core competencies.
  2. Alleviate the burden of customer management, administrative, and back office functions.
  3. Reduce risk by outsourcing tasks to experienced subject matter professionals.
  4. Lower internal costs to improve operational performance.
  5. We model our team on yours, providing customized solutions with seamless delivery and scalability.
  6. We actively adopt our clients’ service culture and become advocates for their brands.
  7. We consistently deliver high-quality service and boast exceptional client retention rates.
  8. We offer over years of experience and excellence in service delivery as per your project requirements.
  9. We become part of your team as a valuable long-term partner and services for your project.

If you want to choose Thakur International (www.thakurintl.com) as a one-stop BPO services provider in your business. You can call us: +977-1-4390807 or, Email: info@thakurintl.com to discuss about your projects.

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