16 March 2020


 March 16, 2020
CORONAVIRUS is affecting your Business – Hire Virtual Employee

CORONAVIRUS is affecting your Business – Hire Virtual Employee

Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that are regular in individuals and many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats. Infrequently, animal coronaviruses can infect people and afterward spread between people. The virus starts from China and now it is spreading all over the world. According to a report (12.03.2020), the novel coronavirus Covid-19 crisis spreads to new zones in Europe and the USA. Over 127000 are confirmed cases from all over the world and over 4500 are reported deaths.

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) affects the world economy market. Businesses are stopping business meetings or importing goods across international borders. Also, it is affecting local businesses and organizations.

Virtual assistance Services to support your business run smoothly
“Hire Virtual Employee to Support Your Business to Run Smoothly”

This Virus (COVID-19) spreads so quickly to everywhere, it is very difficult for a business to set up a home office quickly for their employees within a short period of time. Also, it is costly for small, medium businesses as well as for big businesses to set up a home office and buy equipment for each of the employees. In this case, outsourcing virtual employees are the biggest support for the business and keep your business workflow running smoothly and saves you from losing your potential clients. 

“Thakur International” provides virtual employee service for international businesses. We are located in Nepal. Nepal is one of the top listed countries where the coronavirus (COVID-19) has found very low quantities and all are recovered. The best thing is our virtual employees are working in an office environment with all the necessary equipment and networking server. Moreover, our virtual employees are strictly following the corona (COVID-19) safety regulation and hygiene.

How do we manage things to stay safe and keep our workflow running? 

  • At Thakur international, we follow all the safety regulations strictly.
  • We work virtually, so we do not need to have direct contact with our clients. All the business meetings and communications with local and international clients are managed online. 
  • At the office, we have installed all kinds of safety equipment including Hand Sanitizer installation. We focus on hygienic and clean office environments to keep our team safe and keep focusing on our clients’ projects and give them a smooth and satisfactory work.
  • In any case, if any of our employees get sick or they have any symptoms of sickness, they are allowed to work from home and we provide all necessary equipment. 
  • Our team is highly dedicated and they manage each of every project with responsibility and dedication. 
  • Our management team also keeps focusing on our employees who work from home for unnecessary sickness or current virus issues. 
  • When our employees work from home, we provide them with the necessary database connection, and all kinds of daily updates about the job and project, which they need to work on. 
  • We strictly care about our employees and at the same time, we guarantee to provide our clients project accurately and smoothly.

Overall, we can say this, The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) creating a huge effect on human life as well as the world economy. We hope soon will come out with the proper solution to manage these issues and bring back the world economy and the international business process to normal. 

Luckily, our Virtual assistant services are managed from a country where Nobel coronavirus (COVID – 19) didn’t spread over here yet. We encourage your business to take advantage of our virtual services and utilize the telework tools and systems that will support you to run your business smoothly and save your clients. Contact us to know more about our work process.

Thakur international offers the various virtual assistance services for your business including the following services:

Why Thakur International as Your Virtual Service Partner: 

Thakur International provides Various Assistance Services with safety and healthy work regulation in the current situation as well as every time.

  • We Provide Complete confidentiality Service to Our Clients.
  • We Provide White label solutions with the grantee of output that you are looking for. 
  • No extra costs for the outsource projects and affordable cost for services.
  • We are transparent to the end consumer and we work for you with the greatest efficiency as your back-end office.
  • We guarantee Personal relationships to the project, competent, high quality.
  • We offer low cost and time efficiency results, the advantages of specialized design skills and techniques. 
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