Data Analysis Services

Data Analysis Services

In general, data as a concept refers to the fact that some existing knowledge or information is represented or coded in some form suitable for better usage or processing. Data analysis is a process of observing, associated cleansing, transforming as per requirement, and modeling data with the goal of extracting useful information, suggesting associated conclusions, and supporting decision-making. The good analysis of data enhances a good way of key decision making. However, the process of data analysis cannot be made by anyone and needs the expertise of trained research analysts who can gather, analyze and extract reliable information from the data.

Data Analysis Services from Thakur International

Thakur International is a company which provides a better data analysis services. We offer comprehensive data analysis services for small, medium and large corporations across a wide range of industries/organizations. Our thorough research data analysis services ensure you to better understand the major points within your industry/organization and make informed decisions based on the facts collected by our research professionals. Furthermore, we have a team of experts in data analysis which can offer you the best findings. We always are updated with new and scientific techniques and technologies and use them in data analysis. We facilitate you both quantitative and qualitative analyses through related experts of our team.

Data analysis services requires expertise together with experience and dedication.

Process of Data Analysis Services

We offer a wide range of data analysis services especially designed to provide you the full information for any given part of your business or service. Following services can be offered through data analysis.

  1. Collection of Data

    There are variety of sources for collecting data. The gathering of information related to the matter of study is simply termed as a collection of data. We offer our clients the service of collection of data as per the need and objective of the clients using updated techniques and technologies. Our first concern is to get quality data from the real field.

  2. Processing of Data

    Data initially obtained must be processed or organized for further analysis. For instance, these may involve placing data into rows and columns in a table format, such as within a spreadsheet or statistical software. This all will be made by our experts of data analyst.

  3. Cleaning of Data

    It is not sure that the organized data is free of error. It may contain unnecessary information, duplicate values or any other contents which may harm the further analysis. The procedure of making the data free of those errors is termed as cleaning of data. It provides the way of result in the desired shape. We offer the service to our clients with great expertise.

  4. Exploratory Data Analysis

    The exploration of the existing facts from the data is covered under exploratory data analysis. The usual statistical tools like mean, median, mode, etc. can be used for this task. We offer it using updated techniques and technologies with our great experts of data analysis.

  5. Relationships and Modeling

    The relationships between different variables in the data can be seen using various statistical methods like correlation, regression, etc. Modeling is the most used methodology to see the established relationship between the variables. It provides information that how a variable is affected by other variables. It may be useful to find out the associated factors with the issue of concern. For example, if you are conducting a business, you can know how different factors are influencing your business such that you can manage your business properly.


Pros of Data Analysis from Thakur International

We ensure our clients to provide a quality result through data analysis by our team of great expertise of data analysis which can help any type of business over a range of industries providing a large number of tangible benefits.

Following are the most important pros that our clients can achieve from our service.

  1. We will observe, clean and transform your data to build models that will find out the important information within your business and provide you with insights that can provide you a competitive edge over other companies in your industry.
  2. Our updated technology i.e. the use of mobile/tabs for data collection tracking GIS, photo/video capturing, sound recording, regular update of data to our data analysis experts and the clients ensures you that the collected data is genuine.
  3. Our elevated data analysis services ensure you to make key decisions on your business or service.
  4. The use of appropriate statistical tools and working with only the best-trained statisticians and data management experts in the research field can ensure that your needs are met for every vital component of your business.


Please partner with a company who is trusted by executives and research firms around the globe – Thakur International; to ensure that you get only the best data analysis services. Contact Us today to start the data analysis services and benefits the benefits of our services.

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