21 June 2019


 June 21, 2019
delegate tasks and make your job easier
Delegating tasks has never been easier. And cheaper. In fact, thanks to the latest progress in technology, you can grow your company on a global scale without having to hire extra workers. Or almost. How is that possible? Virtual assistants.

What is a VA?

A virtual assistant is your new team member. He or she works for an outsourcing company and is going to help you to manage your tasks. In other words, hiring a virtual assistant can allow you to delegate some tasks that you prefer not performing in-house.

Why would you want to delegate tasks?

There are two simple answers to this question. Firstly, if you perform all tasks in-house, they are going to take up large parts of your schedule. This is, of course, not ideal if your goal is to optimize time and to expand your business.
Secondly, you may want to save money. If you had to hire another in-house employee, you would need to pay him or her much more. On the other hand, virtual assistants have a much lower fee and you only pay for what you get.
Plus, you would also save money on benefits because the outsourcing company is going to take care of them. But it doesn’t here. In fact, you also save on:
  1. Vacation time
  2. Severance pay
  3. Payroll taxes
  4. Health insurance
  5. Software expenses
  6. Office equipment and upgrades
  7. Office space rentals
To sum it up, delegating tasks can help your business save a great amount of money and speed up some processes that will help your company grow. Especially if you have a new business, hiring a virtual assistant can really have an impact on your budget and can see your company being on top of the game. Fast.

What is a VA like?

So, as we have seen, saving time and money are the perks of virtual assistants. But isn’t it like having another regular worker?
Well, not exactly. Virtual Assistants are different from your regular workers. In fact, they tend to be more specialised. As a result, they are faster and very competent. Have a chat with them about their work: you will find out where your company can improve.
However, if you choose the right VA, you can be sure that it will work with you all the way. For example, try and work with the VAs at Thakur International: it will be like having a new team member. Just, long-distance.

delegate tasks and make your job easier
A VA takes care of the tasks that you delegate them, so you can focus on the core-tasks of your business.

What tasks should you delegate?

Although you could leave whatever task to a VA, you may want to keep core-tasks in-house. You are the captain of your ship and you should always be in charge. There are, on the other hand, non-core tasks that can be just time-consuming or too costly. Here is where a VA can be of help. Let’s see where exactly:
Administrative tasks: A Virtual Assistant can relieve you and your team from these routine tasks, so why not outsource them?
  1. Phone Answering Service:  answering the phone, creating a personalized voicemail box, transferring calls and messages and others.
  2. Customer relation service: managing interactions with clients, recording appointments and keeping you up to date about upcoming meetings.
  3. Accounting service: keeping track of expenses, invoicing, business correspondence, etc.
Marketing tasks: Business doesn’t happen only in the office anymore. Many companies know it already and have hired marketing experts to tackle the problem. But you can do more: you can outsource.
  1. Social Media management: creating Facebook pages, managing Twitter campaigns, networking, etc.
  2. Web design:  building web pages, creating graphics and logos, editing, animations, etc.,
  3. SEO services: optimizing web pages, keyword research, content writing, improving internet traffic,  etc.

Delegate tasks to Thakur International:

You can’t do everything yourself especially when you can delegate tasks to a VA can really make your work easier. This is why Thakur International offers skilled Virtual Assistants to help you with your job. Join the numerous companies that have already hired a VA and scale your business through outsourcing. With Thakur International, delegating tasks has never been easier. Check out our services and get in touch with us. We are looking forward to working with you.

Do you need to delegate tasks? We are happy to help! Give us a call at +977-1-4720270

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