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Desktop Sharing and Printing Solution

Remote Desktop Sharing

Desktop Sharing is an online technology allowing sharing your PC’s running session with a user on a different computer, who can also have  access to control your PC remotely using a Virtual Networking Client. The most common applications of the technology of Desktop Sharing are in web conferencing, technical errors troubleshooting, online learning sessions and file sharing solution. This is possible by the initiator sharing the screen with the second party who would also have access and control. For example, a web conference application allows the host of the conference to share the desktop with other participants. Of course, done over the internet.

Printing solution

ThakurInternational is adopting new and innovative way of supporting companies virtually. Desktop sharing and Printing solution system is one of the great technologies used at ThakurInternational. The process of serving your company using this method includes a very simple cycle, where our professional will send printed document in your office counter or reception in a convincingly short period of time when any request/ inquiry or order comes from your company or organization. This is very easy and productive way of providing service to your customer, which decreases the number of manpower in your organization as we will be working for your organization virtually using latest technology at a very cheap cost.

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