2 October 2015


 October 2, 2015
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Why Develop Software in Nepal?

Software development process is a structure or framework imposed on the development of a software product. In the context of Nepal, the software development process is very significant because most of the organizations, companies are working in a very difficult situation without using any software. Here, software developers get a good chance to work with this competitive market and get success in the software business.

Nowadays, computer and software are a part of our life. Because every field of the sector we have to use a computer and software. It is important for the educational field, official fields and so on. They have made our life easier and softer as well as stander also. Here, the software is not very long and vast programming for individual purpose but it is somehow difficult to create for official purpose. It is not a very difficult task for today’s generation due to the effect of innovative technology. It is very helpful for the purpose of documentation, data specified, text maintain, etc.

New software products are very faster, accurate and effective cost. Nowadays, to develop software processing is going to be complex due to the size of the software and functions of the software. It depends on the customer’s demand means what type of function can be provided this software according to customer demands. The developer needs to be careful in this situation otherwise your mission will be failed.

Today, we can find many standards available for software industry. A software development project or company can choose the one that fits their needs as per their object of software for success and can get their company or organization certified also.

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