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5 September 2017


 September 5, 2017
Hire Virtual Employee For Business Advantage
Category Virtual Employee

Virtual Employees – A new Era of Employment


In today’s business’ world of high competition where the little details decide who stays on top of the game, you need to make sure you use all the resources you have effectively to find you way to the top. Offering exceptional services but in a good budget is the most essential aspect we need to consider for doing well in the business competition and staying well at the top above others. But there is where the challenge comes because it is obvious that for better service the budget has to be supportively high. However, this is being evidently countered now since Virtual employment being introduced and is seen as effective if and only if you get the right virtual employees for the work and from the right company.  Getting the right virtual employees for your work from the right company has been proven to be the solution for ensuring high-standard services but at the same time significantly cutting down the cost than if the work was done at your workplace.

Thakurinternational enables companies from anywhere in the world to hire our dedicated, skilful and experienced employees in any field or profession for full time and work for them from our sufficiently equipped offices in Nepal. Thakur have experts in various professions which make us a multi-disciplinary outsourcing company and have our employees employed for work which was not long ago regarded as not suitable for outsourcing; from technical jobs to back-office jobs. The fields we offer virtual employees but not limited to are software programming, accounts, graphic designing, SEO, content writing, recruitment and call centres.

The models of employment services we offer and their benefits

Thakurinternational offers either dedicated employees or team of employees. Depending on the needs of the employer, they can employ one dedicated employee in a way just like it would be for hiring a local employee or hire a team for the team work.

Hiring a dedicated virtual employee means the employee and employer will have close collaboration and keep contacting frequently just like it would have been for a local employee with all instructions and directions flowing from the employer to the employee. The employer is provided with means to conveniently follow up on the employee’s progress and provide and feedback or training if seen necessary.

Dedicated Virtual Employee

Dedicated Virtual Employee

Hiring a team however, is more for clients outsourcing IT and software development such as web designing, mobile app development and PHP. The hierarchy for team is quite different from a single employee whereby Technical Team Leader (TTL) leads the chain of commands followed by Senior Software Engineer (SSE). The number of hours agreed for working are collectively contributed to by the whole team and upon any changes or instructions, the employer communicates with the TTL who will ensure implementation across the team. The team is not necessarily all focused in one field, the employer is free to have multi-disciplinary team for the project. The employer reserves the flexibility on management where he or she can be the project manager of his or her own project or get a project manager among the team as well.

Hire Virtual Employee Team

Hire Virtual Employee Team


Our role after successfully hiring your virtual employees

We facilitate the outsourcing process by offering work place-related services and requirements, however, all the work-related instructions come from you, the employer. The following are included in our services but not limited to:

1.      Offering complete hardware facility

The employee you hire will be provided with a private pc of his or her own preference where he or she will feel comfortable working on. Together with the pc, other extensions will also be provided like laser printer, high-resolution scanner, headsets, web cam and on other on the employer’s list of requirements. This will ensure your employee has all that will be needed to do your work at high standard.


2.      International telephone with a local number

To ensure easy and fast communication and passing of instructions, we will provide your employee with a local number of your home country and you can call him or her just like a local person. This will be the same from their end also as they can easily reach without incurring international extra charges. We believe ease of communication dictates largely to the reliability and therefore made it easy to communicate from the two ends.


3.      Provides software required in the job specifications

For every job, the employers hand in the specifications of software if they have specific software that would prefer being used for the work or even the operating systems such as; Windows, OS, Linux, etc. In this case, thakurinternational will make sure the employee has what is required included as part of our service.


4.      Providing supervision and professional working environment

Since our managers and HR executives work in the same environment as your employees, it becomes easy to regularly supervise the workers and make sure they are up to the work for the total time.  The offices’ professionalism is always maintained as they are shared by all our employees and managers to ensure no any kind of distractions at all to the employees.


5.      Dealing with employees’ tax and insurances

We take full responsibilities of ensuring the employment tax and insurances are paid as well as making sure the labour laws are not bypassed by anyway. The sets our clients free from worrying about paying taxes for their employees or paying for health insurance for their employees and simply have your employees all set up to work for you. This is because legally, we employ the worker who you hire and therefore get in contract with us. The service you hire includes a big package of work space, hardware facilities, supervision, management, technical support, insurances, payroll and many more administration related roles. So legally you do not hire an employee but your virtual employee will follow your instructions and work for you just like a regular employee.


6.      Full time technical support

IT department of Thakurinternational is comprised of experts in their field and operating at all the time making sure there are no any technical problems arising or persisting. The routine off checking all the PCs and network status before and after the working time also confides that there shall not arise interruptions in the middle of the working time.


7.      Provides HR service

The HR executives will be responsible for recording the attendance of your employee, working hours completed every day, vacations, offer a bridge between company administration and employee and direct communications with the clients.  They will ensure the employees give what you signed up for.


8.      Signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement

As a tradition of employment, the employee has to sign the non-disclosure agreement to assure that the client’s confidentiality is always maintained and does not disclose any of the company’s information and data.


Working with Thakurinternational will let you focus on what you want to focus on without having to worry about the other end at all. We will take care of everything and go by your instructions and orders at the same time reduce the cost of operations as all the above responsibilities will be ours and leaving you only with interviewing and employing the employee of your choice. Outsourcing with us is very easy. This link will let you know about how we work during inquiring our outsourcing services.


To learn more about our virtual employee services we offer visit http://thakurintl.com/virtual-employee/ and for specific questions, information, concerns or enquiries you can directly call us from +977-1-4390807


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