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An inbound call centre deals with most of incoming calls. That means that customers are phoning you rather than the other way around. Except from these companies use to take large volumes of phone calls from customers. They want technical support, answers to questions, issue resolutions, or any other customer service issue. Because of this, most inbound calls centres are customer service focused. When customers need assistance with the product or the service will call into these types of call centres.

An inbound call centre might be the perfect solution for your company. Selecting the best inbound call centre for your business can be difficult and confusing but that’s the reason why our company exists. Our inbound call centre will work directly with you in a professional manner and become an extension of your business. In the worldwide network call centres, have been chosen carefully so they are matched with all your business requirements.

In contrast with other types of customer support centres which can field support requests from any number of channels, our inbound call centre is especially designed to respond the incoming phone calls.

Our inbound call centre is trained with soft skills which associated with resolving issues over the phone. So, our inbound calls are measured such as:

  1. The average duration of each call,
  2. The number of calls resolved without the need for further calls,
  3. Customer satisfaction, if the customer is satisfied with the interaction,
  4. How long time was the customer on hold on before being able to speak to a member of our inbound call centre services,


Customers want quick resolution to their issues and don’t want to explain their issue to multiple people so, our inbound call centre can provide support which can be also a challenge for us. It’s important for our team to deal with these calls in such a way that they can manage customer expectations but also ensure they are getting the context they need to resolve the issue.

In our inbound call centre, we have good listeners so our customers will not become annoyed and the only thing we want is to try to help them. Also, give them options with an interactive voice response system so it allows to customers to leave a voicemail instead of waiting in the queue.

Inbound Call Centre Services Features

There are effective ways to entertain every incoming call. The inbound call centres usually serve the hottest leads that are at a touching distance from the converting into the sale. Our inbound call centre solution is designed to accommodate the organizational structure of your business. So, even if the agents are working from different parts of the world, they can reach them easily.

1. MULTI-LEVEL IVR     Call Centre Services

Interactive Voice Response is an automated telephony system interacting with callers and routine calls to the most appropriate agent. You will never miss out critical information of any business call. All calls make it to ensure that are automatically recorded and stored for your later business needs.

    2. ADVANCED CALL DISTRIBUTION     Call Centre Services

An automatic call distributor is a telephony system that answers incoming calls and routes them to a specific department or agents within company based on the incoming line to the system, time the call was processed and customer’s selection or telephone number. You can multiply profits with intelligent call routing. Also, you can customize routing patterns based on various factors to ensure every call reaches the right destination.

   3. MUSIC ON HOLD     Call Centre Services     

If you want to build up a corporate professional image for your company, you can customize on – hold music. When putting callers on hold music can be a benefit for the companies. So, if you choose a suitable piece of music can distract the caller from the boredom of being on hold. It reduces making complaints about waiting time less likely.

   4. QUEUE MANAGEMENT     Call Centre Services

First, you should to customize call queues. If there is a busy inbound call centre, any manager knows that queue happen. So, they must be prepared for this and configure their queue accordingly. At least, inbound call centres should have separate queues for each department and maximum queue size, waiting limits in each queue and features like:

  1. Callback from Queue
  2. Queue to voicemail


It helps reduce caller headache as much as possible and end caller frustration from waiting in lengthy queues by optimizing their configuration. So, get a fast, flexible, secured and quality solution to connect with any number of team members on the same voice call anywhere, anytime.

   5. CALL WAITING     Call Centre Services

The call waiting function is a feature of digital telephony.When someone is calling you and while you are on another call, call waiting notifies you. Your cancel call waiting maybe cancels or deactivates call waiting before placing a call, directly use the internet or send a fax. So, you should get a handy feature to manage business calls easily.

   6. CALL FORWARDING     Call Centre Services

Call forwarding or call diversion is a telephony feature of some switching systems which redirects a telephone call to another destination, for example, a mobile telephone, voicemail box or another telephone number where the desired called party is available. There is no cost to set up forwarding of calls, maybe there is a cost per minute that you incur. The cost to forward a call to another number will vary depending on your service provider. 

 7. CALL TRANSFER in Call Centre Services     Call Centre Services

Thakur International inbound call centre services deliver the best services to all your callers. With call transfers feature, you can easily transfer ongoing call to another department or agent. It allows you to transfer calls to other agents, ring groups and external phones and you can do it in two different ways:

  1. Blind Transfer: is when you transfer the caller to a ring group or another agent without speaking to the new agent first.
  2. Warm Transfer: is when you speak with the new agent before call is transferred. You can tell to the agent about the caller’s issue and directly can give any background information before transferring the call.

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