17 January 2016


 January 17, 2016
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Language in Nepalese Business

Language is a means of communication if that is sign language or vocal language as well as a written language. Language is essential for every aspect and interaction or communication in our day to day life. We use the language for the share our feeling, desire, information or whatever we share through our language. We communicate effectively through our language word or gesture and tone of voice in a large group of situation. It drives our lives and betters us.

In the Nepalese business, Nepali and English are two main languages. Other regional language like Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Tamang, Magar, Newari etc are also used locally for business purpose. The importance of communication has been often neglected and missed the Nepalese business. Even with the capability to communicate with each other. Communication is a two-way street communication that should be grasped and not avoid. Some people can be aloof or arrogant to believe they never go to foreign countries without gaining anything of their cultural values and the most important thing is the language of the people in those places where they visit. The importance of language is beneficial indifferent if you do it for your career or for just fun or even it just for personal travel.

The importance of language really shines in any business with companies that are trying to reach global markets and audiences in Nepalese business. Most of the business leaders and owners are recognized to compete you have to have knowledge of foreign languages. Knowledge of their language as well as their culture shows that you appreciate the ideas that they bring to the contact and you understand their needs and importance better than somebody who does not have in this background.

Similarly, there is the psychological aspect of direct communication during your business agreements in the Nepalese business. Your clients will be more likely to trust what you are saying and there will be a friendly and warm relationship than if you were to conduct all communication through a translator. This could be an important step to make strong and deep business relationships that help assure the success of your own business. Thakur International offers business support like call centre services, outsourcing business in major languages of Nepal.

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