Project Description

Our Virtual Employee in Role of The Statistical Data Analyst


In the era of a huge amount of data, statistical data analyst has very important role. We have recognized the potential income from this service and hired more than 5 experts in data mining, data analysis, data visualization and data processing fields. Here is one of the projects that we have delivered to Australia.

The Client

An Australian company that operates as a statistical agency, makes research in different fields, including demographics, marketplace, environment and similar, as the main methods in its investigation processes, it uses surveys, questioners, tests, and interviews. The company develops the surveys and questionnaires itself and develops the design of them. In a research process, big amount of data has been collected, but as a raw data, they can not be used. Firstly they need to be translated into a meaningful concept, into information. Here is where statistical data analyst plays very important role.

The Requirements for the Statistical Data Analyst

In 2016, the company had an engagement in one large-scope project. Its capacity in staff was insufficient for the projects of this dimension, but the company’s management team took the risk and accepted the challenge. The first step in the project was ensuring enough resources for its implementation. The company came up with an idea to outsource data experts, in order to avoid additional expenses that can be avoided in the project-based engagement. What they needed most was a statistical data analyst.

The company realized that the outsourced HR service in Australia is very expensive, so they look up for the solution abroad. It is still unclear how this company reached us, our company in Nepal.

The requirements document included skilled statistical data analyst which is very disciplined and able to work on different platforms:

Platforms for data processing and analyses:

SPSS and Excel 

Data visualization tools:

Tableau and QlikView

The company requested an worked with the flexible working hours, ready to work even 12 hours a day and respect the time deadlines. We needed to take some steps forward in order to protect our employee, and we signed up the contract where it was stated that any engagement longer than 8 hours a day will be paid double. The client company accepted this condition, and the partnership began.

The Challenge

Every project that we are contributing to is somehow challenging.

The confidentiality of data was the biggest clients’ concern. From our point of view, this was not the problem: we share very strong ethical code with our employees. To assure our client that this code won’t be violated, we have signed the  Data Protection Clause. After this problem has been solved, we have started the engagement. From one of the statistical data analyst himself, you can hear why they wont to work with us. Check up the video below! 

The Result from the service of Statistical Data Analyst

The results positively affected our company in two directions:

  1. Our virtual employee service reached a new continent, new country and promoted our name abroad. The best marketing for one company is a satisfied client, ready to share recommendations and praises.
  2. The impact of this case has been seen in increased interest of the domestic statistical data analyst to work with us and look for an engagement and test their skills abroad. The exploitation of the domestic intellect reached whole new level.

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