Project Description

Call Centre

The client

The client is a healthcare company that creates innovative solutions to improve patient’s diagnosis and treatment. They requested us to set up a toll-free service to their customers using an inbound call centre. Through our established network they provide easy access to multiple healthcare channels such as hospitals, private clinics, government institutions, stockists, retail outlets and more. Our network also consists of distribution channels for medical diagnostic equipment and targeted treatment solutions.

The requirement

Our agent needs to communicate effortlessly with the customers for their queries on Hepatitis and HIV. A calm and understanding communication skill is a must. The agent conducting the call needs to have a good typing speed to record the client’s information. The agent must provide a positive response to deliver a satisfying customer experience. The general requirements are:

  1. Positive Attitude
  2. Adaptability
  3. Clear and effective communication
  4. Adaptability in handling customers
  5. Capacity to work in a demanding and fast-paced contact centre environment
  6. Fluency in the local language


In many cases, customers are not fully satisfied due to poor networking. Call centres use several reporting tools to crunch data and generate reports. But with so many separate files jumbled together, it is difficult to organize them while being accurate and consistent.
Digital and social media platforms are reshaping how consumers expect to find in a customer service, which demands close to instant response time. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task to predict peaks and troughs of call volume and to assign a sufficient number of agents.

supporting a healthcare corporation through our call centre

The solution

By predicting the required human resource at a certain time, we could optimize the workforce and cost. A software solution can be used to import and export the lists of customers, when they call and for how long. It helps analyze busy hours and prepare agents to allocate their resources better. Our agents can operate efficiently, filtering out busy signals, answering machines, and no-answers.

Our tools enable the contact centre to preserve context across channels for multiple customer communication. Confident and experienced agents were hired for the call centre and they act as an extension for the company.

The result

We did an inbound call to customers who asked an inquiry on Hepatitis and HIV diagnosis on our number. We assisted them with a toll-free number. People who are affected were recommended to different hospitals. We provide details about the diseases and also refer the hospital to those people who wanted to do further check-up. We perform outbound calls as well in order to make people aware of these diseases and provide further details to some customers.

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