Project Description

Call Centre

The Tele Caller Service For Client From Singapore

The Client

Singapore is a country that is placed on the very top of the Asian blade, where the Asian land ends. This position allows the businessmen to control complete Asian marketplace from the very top of it. The right perspective gives the chance to see the right opportunities. One of the companies that are into real estate business wanted to attract the companies from other Asian countries, like India, Nepal, China and Indonesia. The company’s management team recognized the right moment to expand their client circles and decided to make the first step in order to complete this mission.

The Requirements for the Tele Caller Service

The company’s CEO was aware that the first step was the hardest one. It is not very easy to penetrate a completely new market. From this purpose, the companies are looking for the strategic partner or business partner to promote their name, what is the main motive, while the secondary motive is gaining revenue. If a company wants to sell some product, the first thing to do is to present the product to its potential consumers. So, how the product can be presented: The answer is in a service that our company delivers since its establishment, the call center service. This client’s request did not request a complete call center service, only the tele caller service, which will be engaged in the process of the product promotion over the phone. In one word, the client, this real estate company, wanted outbound call center service only. The Tele callers were hired to research the potential consumers, or clients, and to wake up the interests of real estate in Singapore. The task of the tele caller service agents was to develop a strategy to convince the clients to consider the offer and to make initial contact with them. Everything else will be finished in the company itself.

The Solution

The solution, in this case, was our approved outbound call center service. The steps in call center service outsourcing have few common steps in its process implementation:

  1. Requirements collecting
  2. Agents selection
  3. Agents education and training 
  4. Station setting
  5. Service starting


The requirements collecting process is one of the most important ones because it gives a clear image of what client wants as a result. If this step is understood completely, the whip effect caused by slight discrepancies can be avoided completely.

The second and third steps are related. If we hire a skilled agent, the need for any additional training is faded, but if we hire candidates with no experience, the process could be slowed down.
The station setting step requires determination of the location from which the agents will operate. In most of the cases, we have the common station for all clients, but, when it is required the company is able to set completely independent station, to serve only one client.
Once, when all the steps have been successfully completed, the service can be started.
The agents are trained to promote the products and service of this client. They are trained to keep the attention of the potential consumer and learned to get the instant feedback from them.

The Result of the Tele Caller Service

The client has developed a big trust in us, where they felt safe to send us confidential data about the progress in the company, and how the sales have been increased since they have become the user of our outbound call center service – tele caller service.