Project Description

Web Development

The client

The client is a pediatric hospital in Nepal. They needed a developer to build an official website for the hospital. The website will be helpful to provide information on the services and treatments the hospital offers. It also showcases how their facilities are comfortable and hygienic, which are crucial to driving consumer’s trust. They will also use the website to interact with patients and acquire feedback for improvement.

The requirement

Our client requested an active, optimistic web developer to create a professional website of the hospital. Some qualities that they prefer:

  1. Able to recognize the priorities of the site and design based on it.
  2. Implement and support technical solutions to deliver clients requirement
  3. Identify and evaluate opportunities to improve services
  4. Contribute various ideas to coding best practices and new technologies
  5. Able to troubleshoot, problem-solve and analyze
  6. Focus on optimization and attention to detail


The challenge is to create a professionally designed website but filled with rich information. Since the client is a hospital, understanding medical terms are necessary to effectively categorize contents and their placements in the pages. But it adds problems because the general users are not familiar with medical words, so the content must also be simple enough to avoid misunderstanding.

children hospital infographic

The solution

We provide brief explanation on long, unusual disease or treatment term. This way, common non-medic consumers have an understanding on what they are dealing with. Various treatment options, support groups, specialists and educational information specific to that illness were highlighted with supporting links. This makes it convenient for patients to learn and be prepared. The various methods implemented were:

  1. Developing content strategically
  2. Prioritizing information properly
  3. Clean design elements

The result

In the website, the clients can find detailed information about the hospital. They report the navigation button and search bar helps to locate information that they were looking for. Easy to read content and clear photos increase consumer’s trust. The client is very pleased with Thakur International‘s work.

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