19 June 2019


 June 19, 2019

The robotic voice on the phone. The calls getting through right when you were about to eat or take a nap. The ringing sound of the telephone in the late evening. Yes: telemarketing stirs up bad memories. However, it’s time for a change: it is high time to leave the idea of cold calling behind and embrace the possibilities this medium has to offer. Forget everything you know about telemarketing: what if it were a great tool to get your startup going?

Telemarketing: to call centres and beyond

Telemarketing has never been so alive. And it’s actually growing. In fact, this medium is so popular not only because it is easy to get to, but also because it creates a direct connection with the clients. Let’s get to know this channel better and explore the galaxy of possibilities it has to offer.
  1. Telemarketing: It is a channel of marketing to communicate with clients by phone or even online, through live chat or video conferences. Mostly, telemarketing is implemented by the -very familiar- call centres, of which there are two types: inbound and outbound.
  2. Inbound call centres: If, for instance, a client has a question, if there is an issue with the product or even if the client needs an explanation about a billing, they reach out to an inbound call centre. Indeed, this type of call centre focuses on customer service and it is responsible for taking calls rather than making them. Inbound call centres are a great resource to make sure that the clients are satisfied.
  3. Outbound call centers: These call centers deal with opposite tasks as compared to the inbound centers. In other words, they are responsible for outgoing calls to a target audience. The purposes of the calls are many and diverse, for example, they provide proactive customer support or investigate about renewals. In any case, the direct contact with the client can have a great impact on their loyalty.
  4. Live chat: This is the last frontier of telemarketing. In fact, through live chat, you can communicate directly with your clients using a more comfortable and convenient channel. Not to mention that it’s in real time. So you can say goodbye to the hold-times! Now you can offer customer service immediately.

Reach more clients with telemarketing. The phone now offers even more opportunities.
Everybody has a phone. This is why telemarketing is a great tool to keep in touch with your clients and grant them full-time support.

Startup phone growth

If you are running a new business, it is useful to expand the pool of customers that you can reach. Because they are brand new, startups are in a delicate position on the market. Therefore, an effective marketing strategy including channels such as telemarketing can consolidate your new business and skyrocket your sales. Here is why:
  1. Generate leads: A popular definition of a lead is “a qualified prospect that is starting to exhibit buying behaviour”. In simple words, a lead is a potential client who is starting to get engaged in your product. However, before a lead can become such, they need to know something about your company and your products or services. More precisely, what they really want to know is how the product or service you offer is of value for them. In this respect, telemarketing is the most immediate way to generate leads for your startup. Indeed, it assesses right away if the target audience is interested in your offerings.
  2. Sales pitching and fixing appointments: The clearest advantage of telemarketing is that you can present your product directly to customers or future ones. After you have pinpointed your leads, you can help them to make a buying decision. Here you will present your product or service as readily available. Notice this: a good telemarketer will call only specific people on a well-studied list, so that not only is the call ethical, but also more effective.
  3. Customer loyalty: Telemarketing is, among other things, a way to create human interactions. So, the more smoothly and politely you carry out the job, the more likely your customers will be satisfied. And a satisfied client is a loyal client. All telemarketing techniques can help clients solve product-related problems or questions they may have. Most importantly, successful interactions are very often rewarded. This means that your customer will know they can trust you and they will be more likely to keep on turning to you.  
  4. Cheap outsourcing: Telemarketing is one of those sectors in your business that you can outsource easily and cheap. So, choosing the right outsourcing company can have a huge impact on your revenues. In fact, sections of these companies are entirely dedicated to telemarketing and their employees are trained to ensure the smoothest marketing communication. As a startup owner, the option of outsourcing your telemarketing is surely the most cost-effective and time-saving.

telemarketing outsourcing
Outsource telemarketing and grow your business globally. The sky is your limit!

If there’s something great in your startup, who you gonna call?

Thakur international takes pride in being a well-established and reliable force in the field of telemarketing. Its main call centres are located in Nepal and host a strong team of telemarketing specialists who are happy to collaborate with you and help you achieve your marketing goals. By outsourcing to Thakur international, you are going to access top-quality services at a very affordable price. A few of the perks are:

  1. Separation between inbound and outbound call centres: in most companies there is no clear separation between two entities, this means that the same team performs both in- and outbound tasks. The problem is that, if there is no evident distinction between the two areas, the customer will most likely have to wait until an operator is available.

    At Thakur International, the inbound call centre is entirely specialized in receiving phone calls, whereas the outbound call centre deals only with outgoing ones. As a result, you save a lot of time. It may seem pretty obvious, but the least the customer needs to spend on hold, the more satisfied they are going to be, no matter what.

  2. Trained professionals: Employees at Thakur International are experts in marketing communication and talk with customers or leads in the most effective and polite way. Telemarketing has seen a major shift from those annoying phone-calls in the evening, with the marketer trying to push products down your throat. It now aims at providing a helpful human interaction mainly focused on problem-solving. Thakur International makes sure that its telemarketers undergo a detailed training program so that they are able to respond effectively to the demands of the clients in a patient and positive way.
  3. Possibility of long-term collaboration: Many outsourcing companies provide only short-term collaborations. If on the one hand, this approach is quick and mainly focused on one specific goal, on the other hand, it has the great disadvantage of not allowing the telemarketers’ team to get involved into the product features as much. On the contrary, long-term collaboration turns the outsourcing company into the extension of your business. Together, you can create long-lasting success.

These and many more features that Thakur international provides, make sure that the shift to a new kind of telemarketing is completed. You can now fully enjoy the benefits of this greatly underestimated channel while saving a lot of money. By collaborating with Thakur International, your startup is ready for the launch.

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