19 September 2015


 September 19, 2015

Outsourcing project management is service that we offer to various organizations through online. But what outsourcing exactly defines within the project management context depends upon nature and extent of the project itself. When an organization has concern handling one of their projects, you can contact us and our associates to manage it for them. You can even contract the whole outsourcing project management team member.

There may be some reasons why they would want to outsource this function this is because they don’t have sufficient staff, skilled manpower, or enough budget to do it on their own. You could analyze your self with the given tips if you are a project manager, or if you are providing outsourcing management services because you can compare between two and then situation yourself better with your employer or client.

Tips of outsourcing project management

  1. Help the outsourced companyto understand your business nature and goals
  2. Clarify scope, value and schedule for your project so thatoutsourced company can complete as per schedule
  3. Make sure and clear everyone’s working from the same playbook. Its better
  4. Be careful, and respectful, of everyone’s time zone and use them to your advantage
  5. Do conform everyone’s working off the same files and folders
  6. Have good project management software and make 100 % sure all parties use it
  7. Conform regularly with updates
  8. Hold and grasp regular video chats about your project
  9. Treat outsourced member of your team with respect

Outsourcing project management at Thakur International

Thakur International offers Outsourcing Project Management Services at reasonable cost. For more information, please contact us.

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