4 August 2015


 August 4, 2015
view of our work

Ultimate E-commercial Shopping Package is Integrated Online Shop System in Nepal

A powerful, search engine optimized, feature rich online shopping store that helps you setup your own online shop.

  • @ Rs 40,000/-
  • Domain.com/.net/.org
  • Unlimited pages/ product
  • Twelve times maintenance per year


1. Versatile Options

We develop modern online stores, digital download stores and catalog websites for your online shop.

2. Payment Gateways Incorporated

PayPal and Google check out incorporated. Credit card and other available payment gateway.

3. Stock Management

We allows you to manage your stock levels as well as updated and manage products using a CSV (excel spreadsheet) file..

4. Website Designer & Layouts

We design your website layout allowing you to select customized and best appearance.

5. Featured & Related Products

You can choose related and featured products which are highlighted and appear at the top of search results.

6. Coupon Codes & Promotions

You can setup store promotions such as discounts for multiple purchases, free shipping as well as create coupons codes.

7. Custom Product Attributes

You can setup your own custom product attributes such as sizes, colors etc as well as allow the user to upload an image file for product customizations.

8. Shipping Tools & UPS Integration

The website will have lots of built in shipping features such as free shipping, fixed price or shipping methods, weight based shipping and support for UPS shipping.

9. Email Manager

The website will be integrated with a built in email manager allowing you to send out newsletters to your members as well as setup customized emails for website events. (Register etc)

10. Standard SSL

Security with Web transaction. Rs 850,000 warranty.

Possible Feature:

  1. Responsive Design Framework (Mobile Ready) – Adjusts to Browser Size
  2. Multiple Possible Styles
  3. Multiple Currency
  4. Multiple color choice integrated
  5. Logo design and Integration
  6. Featured Photos Slider
  7. Alternate Home Page for Business Sites
  8. YouTube Videos Integrated with Each Product
  9. “Additional feature with each product with additional price” management system
  10. Portfolio Page
  11. Photo Album with each product
  12. Category Widget
  13. Subscription Form Widget
  14. Social Networking Icons Widget
  15. Drop-Down Navigation
  16. SEO Optimized, Web Promotion / Google.com/ yahoo.com / bing.com major Search Engine Submission.
  17. Footer Widgets
  18. Contact Form
  19. Online Poll
  20. User friendly login for site update. You can update your website yourself. We make your site your friendly.
  21. Moderate level’s CMS to accomplish the above listed tasks.
  22. And More

@ Rs 20,000/- per year onward for domain, hosting, SSL, Payment gateway and Twelve times maintenance per year.

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