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Virtual Employee and Virtual Assistant Service

The Client

A company in Australia, with the branches all over the continent. The description of the business where the company was operating includes providing the design solution for any interior, house, office, halls, and even gardens and parks. The client was facing the problems in a shortage of staff capacity, so the personnel that was dealing with the company’s operational processes was insufficient. The company’s founder was a Nepali immigrant in Australia, leaving more the 20 years abroad. This fact made him look up for a solution for his staff shortage in his country of origin, in Nepal. He was familiar with the potential of the Nepali companies in virtual employee service providing. On a friend’s suggestion, he came to look up for the solution on our address. We have started a deep partnership with the company that was promising wider promotion of our service in Australia.

The Requirements for Virtual Employee

This interior design company requested the solution in the duration of two years, for 2014 and 2015. We have made a research on this specific field, listed all pros and cons, the SWOT analysis has been done, and we presented the solution – A virtual employee service. The problem was recognized as a set of the solution merged into a single one. The virtual employee service, in dependence of the job volume, engaged 2 or more experts in:

  1. Marketing
  2. Accounting
  3. Web and Software Solutions
  4. Solution Maintenance and  SEO.

*The request for marketing service included company’s products and service promotion over the phone (outbound calls), e-mail, newsletter, flyers, SMS, customers support and preparation of other marketing material.

*The accounting service included management of the complete company’s incomes and outcomes, amount of purchases, losses, and gains.

*Because of the very popular PC software solutions in the world, and twisting marketing process to the virtual world, this real estate company requested the website for its business promotion. Our company developed the web-based solution, while the virtual employee was assigned for the website maintenance and SEO updates.

*For another set of the requirements, our company offered a virtual secretary service to this client. This set of requirements included tight communication with the consumers, partners and other stakeholders, client coordination, meetings organization and agenda preparation, income calls management, income e-mails management and similar.

*The main medium for this set of the requirements was skype and video conferencing tools, and as the alternative communication tools, Whatsapp and Viber communication was arranged.

*The special request stated that the virtual employee and virtual should have flexible working hours, whenever they needed.

The Challenge

For more than one month our virtual employee service research team was working in the real environment, in Australia, where they were in close connection with the company’s stakeholders, learning corporate culture, collecting all relevant information about the company, in order to come up with the best quality virtual employee service. The first challenge was learning the business. This was a very first time for our agents and personnel to work in this field. From this reason, our company arranged intensive education process to prepare the staff for this service.

The education process included learning of:

  1. Australian Work Legislation,
  2. Public and Private Property Regulation,
  3. Company’s Corporate Culture and Consumers Culture,
  4. Learning Work Environment,
  5. Gaining business-related accounting and finance skills, and other.


On the other hand, the virtual secretary was hired for the accomplishment of the general tasks, what was the routine engagement for our company.  

The Result of the Virtual Assistant and Virtual Employee  Service

Our Virtual Employee and Virtual Assistant service launched in Australia encouraged us to look up for more engagement in this continent, where we have recognized the need of the Australian companies for the solutions like this. This real estate related service provider found an address for all its business related solutions, offered at a reasonable price but in top-quality. We gained one very satisfied client, ready to recommend us on many doors.