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Call Centre Service

Call Centre Solutions

Call Centre Services

Thakur International provide call centre service that is reception and call handling services for owner-managed businesses, professional practices, start-ups and growing businesses in all sectors. By working with us, those companies have been able to build their business whilst keeping costs low as Thakur International Call Centre Solutions are a fraction of the cost of employing another member of staff.

Call Centre Service

Our team can help you give all your callers a great first impression and provide high quality customer service, no matter what time of day they call. All of our business services are available 24/7 from our call centre and all your calls will be handled by our highly skilled, well trained agents.

Call Centre Companies

There are plenty of call centre companies who provides call centre solution. Here at Thakur International, we have a reputation of quality service among the companies who are offering call centre service. We believe in quality and reliable service.

Call Centre Support System and benefit

The call centre services at Thakur International can benefit you in the following ways:

  1. Instant capacity and scalability
  2. Flexibility
  3. Strong return on Investment
  4. Account management and consultation
  5. Rapid access to new and existing markets
  6. Disaster recovery contingency
  7. Partnering with specialists in call centres
  8. Cost control
  9. Multilingual capabilities
  10. Allows you to focus on your core business

Other major benefits

  1. Eliminate costs of management, recruitment, HR issues, holidays, sickness, and additional office space.
  2. 24 hour cover
  3. Instant and cost effective access to the latest technologies for call handling, recording, and management information.

Call centre services

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We run 24 hour service.