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One-Stop BPO Services

Thakur International & Investment (P.) Ltd. is dedicated to serve our clients with full of dedication. Thakur International is chosen as a one-stop BPO services provider by our clients because:
1. We model our team on yours, providing customized solutions with seamless delivery and scalability.
2. We actively adopt our clients’ service culture and become advocates for their brands.
3. We consistently deliver high-quality service and boast exceptional client retention rates.
4. We offer over years of experience and excellence in service delivery.
5. We become part of your team as a valuable long-term partner.

Your BPO Services Partner
As a trusted partner, we consider ourselves an extension of your brand and operations. Being a mid-sized company enables us to offer clients the best of both worlds—the resources to provide a salable environment combined with an infrastructure that allows us to remain nimble and customer-focused.

Our Clients Rely On BPO Services
Offer their own clients transparency and full access to high quality services.
1. Outsource non-core activities to concentrate on their own core competencies.
2. Alleviate the burden of customer management, administrative, and back office functions.
3. Reduce risk by outsourcing tasks to experienced subject matter professionals.
4. Lower internal costs to improve operational performance.
Hence we are dedicated to provide quality BPO services to your organization. We promise you to have mutual collaboration with your organization so as to generate more revenue.
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