Website Design Service

Website Design Service

Thakur International is one of the reputed website design service provider which assists your customer in your Website Design service which benefits you with various ways such as:

Expand Your Website Design Offerings with Live Website Chat

  1. Thakur International Live chat system on Website Design Service is an online service that you can offer to your clients as an added feature to their e-commerce websites.
  2. While your customers benefit from higher sales and improved customer satisfaction, you will benefit from increased profits.
  3. Our live chat system on Professional Website Design is very easy to use. When your client’s website visitors need help or request information, they click on a Live Assistance button on the website, which opens a private message window.
  4. Thakur International live chat system has a generous affiliate program that doesn’t end with the first payment. As an affiliate, you receive 10 percent of the first subscription payment of all accounts created through your referral.
  5. Thakur International Website Design Service with live chat system is a sensible customer support tool. It’s proven to increase sales, lower support costs and increase customer loyalty. If you are a website designer, Provide Support is ready and able to meet your clients’ live support needs.

Key Advantages of Partnering with Provide Support

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Cost Effective Sales Tool

Thakur International Live chat system helps your customers to increase sales, lower operating costs and boost customer loyalty – all with minimal investment.

Always Available

Your clients can monitor their website for chat requests from any location, from any system connected to the Internet. We save their settings and customizations for them. Our web-hosted system means they don’t have to worry about server capacity, bandwidth usage, system upgrades and other issues.

Thakur International Virtual Assistant

Thakur International is Proud to announce that we have more than 100 trained and experienced professionals in Professional Website Design fields so that we can provide virtual assistant to any organization for customer chat and technical aspects as well.


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