Dr. Jay Krishna Thakur

Founder and CEO

  • Dr. Nat. Sc in Hydroinformatics, Institute for Geosciences and geography, Martin Luther University, Halle (Saale), Germany; MSc in Geo-information Science and Earth, Faculty of International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), Twente University, Enschede, The Netherlands; MSc in Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. Dr. Jay Krishna Thakur combines his deep knowledge in hydro informatics with his business sense.

    He praises himself with over 10 years of business experience in Asia, Europe, and Australia as the leader of the company. His initial vision translated into an ever-growing company, present in multiple continents. This was possible thanks to his pioneering attitude as well as a forward-sighted strategic approach, meticulous planning leadership, dedication, research, and development.

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Mr. Ashok Kumar Thakur


  • With over 35 years of experience in the corporate world, Ashok Kumar Thakur is the director at Thakur International. His background in sociology makes him the most suitable person to manage the challenges of business governance, social responsibility and business ethics.

    His abilities are therefore widespread, ranging from business planning to result-oriented marketing. His success as a director of the company results from his experience, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

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Santosh Kumar Thakur

Country Business Manager

  • Mr. Santosh Kumar Thakur is the Country Manager at Thakur International. His work is essential as the company has grown in more than 3 continents. While his duties range from project planning, coordination, and management especially in relation to water, he continuously helps the company expand, both in Nepal and overseas.

    His strong business sense and his ability in managing international relationships have made Mr. Santosh Kumar Thakur an essential asset in the Thakur International team.

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Mr. Pratik Prasad

Project Manager

  • Mr. Rahul Reddy has the great ability to combine a profoundly aesthetic sense for websites and a pioneering attitude towards technology. He is a highly creative and curious mind that enriches Thakur International with the latest knowledge in web design so that all Thakur International clients' websites reach their highest potential: both in terms of beauty and functionality.

    The skilful work of Mr. Rahul Reddy has allowed many companies to enter the web with stunning sites they are proud to showcase. The team at Thakur International admires and respects his role as one of the main contributors to the company's success.

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Mr. Rahul Reddy

Web Development Manager

  • The recurring success of the projects and the high level of client satisfaction are to be attributed to Mr. Pratik Prasad. His dedication to the company and to delivering high-quality results have made it possible that Thakur International continues to acquire clients from different parts of the world.

    Before being delivered to the customer, every project must undergo the watchful eye of Mr. Pratik Prasad. In fact, he is responsible for the planning, coordinating, and managing of the projects within the company, thus helping Thakur International grow day by day.

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Mr. Amrit Tamang

Assistant Business Manager

  • As the assistant business manager at Thakur International, Mr Amrit is dedicated to helping the company develop business models and solutions to meet the company's goals. The years of determination that Mr Amrit has committed to Thakur International have proven to be very fruitful, especially for the global expansion of the company.

    His expertise in the business world and his attention to its rapid variations, characterise Mr Amrit as one of the primal contributors to the business development of Thakur International.

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