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  1. The Buddha was Born in Nepal
  2. Mount Everest is in Nepal
  3. Nepal is the land of living goddess Kumari & Pashupatinath


These are the facts about Nepal that make this country famous worldwide. Beside this, what is less known is that "Nepal is a good place for Work, Investment, and Outsourcing". We have recognized it. Here is our story.

In 2000. year, behind the closed doors, we have gathered a large number of environment’s supporters, ready to give their intellectual and material assets to push many small-scope projects developed for one pure reason: The preservation of the natural assets of Nepal. We can honestly say that the initial success in these projects implementation was a stepping stone for more deeper cooperation and trust between us. We have continued to work and share our ideas, where the results from this cooperation can be visible in the establishment of the limited company branded as Thakur International (full name: Thakur International & Investment (P) Ltd.)

The idea for starting the company was born when we were very young rebels worried about the generations who are about to come where we have shaped our defensive mechanism in an action plan. The culmination of this idea is framed in this business idea that hugs three futuristic business concepts: sustainability, innovation, and outsourcing. Our contribution is oriented in two directions: the environment preservation and improvement of the economic situation. These facts speak about our ideas scopes and how big impact our company has in Nepal, and wider.

Thakur International’s Establishment

The Thakur International is a reflection of our initial idea that connects three major hoops: the environment, the information technology, and the business. The anticipation of the future and its pessimistic visualization was a reason for us to input the efforts in order to clear the fog from our home planet future's outlook and present the idea of this company’s officials. From the moment it has officially established, in 2013, the company showed the potential to grow and to go outside of the Nepal’s borders. We are aware that we have the supporters all around the world: even if they don’t have a direct contribution to this company, their silence is a proof of the acceptance and support.

"Thakur International can be defined as a technical, research-based company with international access, approach, and support with the highest level of creative strategic planning and service developed for the purpose sustainability approach’s enforcement."

Thakur International Divisions

a) Consulting

Thakur International offers consulting services for any business related problem, including consulting on benefits of outsourcing, suggesting division that can be more beneficial if are outsourced, assist their clients in implementation of the software solutions and helps them to facilitate the communication with the hired virtual employees. The control of call centre service is not optional, the consultancy in this service delivery is part of the service package. Thakur International teams helps clients to maintain their website from within.  Expertise provided by them is of utmost value and helps in achieving the goal of client satisfaction.

b) BPO Service

We have specialized teams for delivering BPO service package that includes customer care services, data entry service, finance, and accounting service, market research solutions, and services, as well as HR solutions. The goal of this service family is to the decrease the client’s efforts invested in business running and transfer the focus from company’s internal management to the external marketplace. We help our clients to overcome the legislation problems regarding the environment and motivate them to implement sustainability approaches in their business models.

The BPO services include:

1) Virtual Employee: The service follows the newly created need of the companies for the short-term employees: only when they are needed. This is also a good solution for the space shortage situations, where our virtual assistants work entirely as a "no-location" employee.

Virtual employee

2) Call Center: Nowadays, The CC service is one the most outsourced solution, because of the less popular person-to-person interactions. The service gathers multilingual individuals trained to manage a large volume of the telephone requests, known as the inbound calls management. On the other hand, the outbound call management where agents can call customers for a variety reasons, from providing proactive support to inquiring about renewals.

Call centre service

3) Web Design: We have R&D teams that work constantly on the website service improvement, where we offer Domain Registration, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mobile application development and Multimedia Design services.

Web services

4) Software Development: This is a service that we offer to clients worldwide. This service includes developing programs for different platforms and devices, desktop application and mobile application. The size of the projects that we were working on differs, starting from small survey Android apps to the web-based GIS software.

Software development

Social Responsibility

The social responsibility projects that we were working on, speak about the responsibility that we have taken:

The company's strong environment attachment is especially dominant in the protection of the water, in the protection of the divine liquid that is the main reason for the continuation of life. Water.net is the team of the professionals connected with the international water protection-related chains specialized in the fields of hydrology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, geology, civil engineering and other, that gives big contribution to the Integrated Water Resources Management services, through consulting, training, education, and research with full-service along with support to clients on a per – project and recurring basis. This group of individuals is directly supported by Thakur International.

Research grants: Our company, in association with non-governmental organization HEMS, started a project to finance the young researchers in fields of Environmental Science and Engineering. One of the researchers will be working on the research project called Fragmentation Analysis of Land Use/ Land Cover Change for Hydrological Modelling, where we have recognized the potential and importance of this research on a global level. There is also a project called “Doors to the future for children”, an art project for children with migration background in Berlin, for which we have many approvals.

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