Government Service

Government Service

Key Advantages of Using Provide Support in Government Organizations

Improved operator multitasking, Thakur InternationalImproved inter-office communication, Thakur InternationalEfficient information exchange, Thakur International

Thakur International offers quality assistant service to your customers in your government service which benefits you with various ways such as:

Improve Your Public Image with Live Chat

  1. Whatever you are a drivers’ license office, county records department, mayor’s office, or any other public service-related branch, live help through your website is something that can dramatically improve the way the public perceives your organization.
  2. Live website chat allows your staff to interact professionally with the public and the corporate community. It humanizes your website while improving accessibility. It’s the customer relations tool that can benefit all government offices.
  3. Thakur International Live chat system is very easy to use. When website visitors need help or request information, they click on a Live Assistance button on the website to open a private message window.
  4. Administrative personnel can also transfer chats to other departments that are better able to answer specific questions. Other staff members may be invited to join a chat. All chats between the operator and visitor are conducted in a private window and cannot be seen by other website visitors.
  5. Live chat speeds the flow of information between your department and the website visitor; all information that can be given over the phone can be more expeditiously given during a live chat session.
  6. Thakur International live chat system can improve your bottom line with more efficient operations and better public relations.

Convenience for Site Visitors and Administrators

Thakur International Live chat system allows website visitors to check the status of applications and get instant answers to their questions.

Personalize the Chat Experience for Each Department

Each department can customize the appearance of its chat window with an individual background.

Thakur International Virtual Assistant

Thakur International is Proud to announce that we have more than 100 trained and experienced professionals in various fields so that we can provide virtual assistant to any organization for customer chat and technical aspects as well.


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