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Are you searching for custom software? Or maybe you want to develop an app? No matter what your requirement is, at Thakur International, we are here for you. This is why we offer comprehensive software services that get right to the point. We make versatile advanced arrangements and the latest IT solution to deliver software as per customers requirements .
Our company has hired industry experts and the latest IT advancements to deliver custom solutions and products that fulfills the needs of users. Our group of software engineers and professional developers has the specialized skill and years of experience in emerging software technologies. Our software developer team offers you tailored support at every phase of your development process and helps you to deliver your end-to-end custom software project on schedule. We deliver incredible user experience that sets you apart from your competitors. Kick-start your software development with Thakur International as we help you bring your most complex software vision to reality.

What services Thakur International offers :

Software Testing Services: Software testing or software testing is the process of experimental software investigation with the aim of providing quality-related information to stakeholders about a product or service. One of the objectives of software testing is to verify that it suits the needs of the users concerned to use the software of all types and types, and that it is error free. However, the software testing process cannot guarantee that a program or system is completely error-free.

Software Maintenance: It is a program / application / system that helps organizations and institutions plan, follow up, measure and improve everything related to maintenance through the computer. It helps establishments in organizing and managing preventive maintenance operations, inventory, safety and more, and it also represents a large part of developing better maintenance operations and proving the value of maintenance, as it is considered the fuel that the production facilities use to achieve better results.

Custom Software Development : We provide integrated software development services designed to help you grow your business, increase your return on investment, and beat the competition. Whether it's custom software engineering, software testing, software quality assurance, system integration, technical consulting, or software support - we can help you.

Mobile Application Development: We follow the latest trends from our mobile application and are fully updated. Our specialists in this field have extensive development experience on all current major devices including smartphones and tablets, and we take into account delivery speed and cost throughout the mobile app development process. Our goal is to make your idea through the application a reality, and to help your organization to reach more customers, operate more efficiently and reduce the costs of doing business.


Software Testing Services


Software Maintenance

custom software development

Custom Software Development

mobile app development

Mobile Application Development

At the present time, there has become an urgent need to develop many programs, as the need for digital transformation has prompted many companies to consider using comprehensive automatic programs that help them accelerate their operations and improve the quality of their communication with their customers. In this regard, the Advanced Information Company is not only providing professional services, but also seeks to build partnerships with its customers through a full understanding and deep understanding of their needs and work to develop products, programs and applications with a high degree of efficiency and customization to meet those needs to the fullest. We have long and wide experience in software development and members of our professional developer team are proud to be briefed on the latest IT tools and platforms.
Our software development work is characterized by accuracy, high quality, reasonable prices and accurate forecasting of the time required to complete the work. With the advanced information company, you will get products that guarantee success in your business. You can count on us and expect from us the following:
• A well-established mentoring partnership that delivers smooth development capabilities and a full knowledge of how to use various technological tools and platforms for software creation.
• The ability to complete and deliver business on a global level, with our global development centers.
• We have experience in all aspects and processes of software development, including integrations, quality assurance, testing, design and development, and other stages of the development process.
• Achieve expected results based on the use of tried and proven development practices.
• Accelerate the development process by using reusable frameworks, tools and rational practices, and we are ready to integrate code.

Our company begins with assessing the client's needs and then uses the latest technological tools to create the required programs. In each of these projects, the work proceeds as follows:
 Study customer requirements
 Conducting a market and feasibility study
 Project analysis on the part of software engineers
 Software development
 Alpha version test
 Adjustment and troubleshooting
 Beta testers
 Beta fix crashes
 Final release launch
 Implementation

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