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Outbound Call Centre Services in Nepal

An outbound call centre is the exact opposite of an inbound call centre. Rather having most of your calls come into your call centre, agents in outbound call centres are for the most part making outgoing calls. Agents can call customers for a variety of reasons, from providing proactive support to inquiring about renewals. So, this means when agents are making phone calls out of the call centre, they are focused on a list of customers that they would like to get in touch with. Also, outbound call centres are usually enabled by cloud-based outbound call centre software, help companies actively engage with customers. Most of the time, this means that they are targeting them for a sale. So, outbound call centre agencies in the worldwide network specialize in providing telemarketing services on behalf of business clients in industries such as financial, residential services, technology, consumer products might be the perfect solution in what you need. This includes telemarketing, lead generation, outbound sales, appointment setting, database management. Our consultants are experts in evaluating your unique needs and introducing you to the best possible outbound call centre. Let us simplify your outsourcing process, reduce the risks, increase your leads and sales performance.

Sometimes it might seem counterintuitive to use an outbound call centre. In our outbound call centre if a customer has an issue they will reach out to our company.

There are many reasons to consider call customers such as:

  1. Reaching out to customers before there is a problem, or communicating that a problem might arise.
  2. Sometimes the best way to learn what a customer wants is to ask, so we should do this via an outbound call centre. It also allows the customer to speak with an actual person, instead of responding to an email.
  3. A phone call can be a great way to check-in with the customer when it comes time to renew.

Our outbound call centre finds that a phone call can be more successful as it is real-time. Except this, using outbound call centre allows agent to incorporate data about the customer in each call and track their success.

Outbound Call Centre Services Features

In Thakur International outbound call centre, we are looking to use the must leverage tools to do so your business reach the top of the game. If you think that your outbound team isn’t leveraging the latest and greatest outbound call centre software features, we are here for you. Below, there is a list and describes the top nine outbound call centre software must-haves.

  1. Built-in CRM for Call Centre Services

    If you want a successful outbound team, outbound call centre software with a built-in CRM should be at the top of the list of must-have features. This feature makes it simple to keep comprehensive contact data in the one business tool outbound team which use the call centre software. The agents can view a contact’s profile information with the call centre software that has a built-in CRM as well as their previous calls, call recording, voicemails, support tickets, cases, purchases and more, in one interface. This sure increases organization and collaboration amongst outbound team members.

  2. Integrated business tools

    Outbound teams thrive with data. If you want your outbound team to excel, then call centre software should integrate with business tools provides comprehensive data about each contact. Make sure your team is performing optimally by integrating your call centre software with Salesforce, LiveChat, SugarCRM, Highrise, Help Scout, Zoho CRM, Nimble, Freshdesk, Olark, and others so that agents have comprehensive contact data in one interface. This will provide them with the contact data they need.

  3. Data import and synchronization

    If you have a call centre software with integrated business tools and a built-in CRM is a great first step for your outbound success. Make sure that these tools have update information and your call centre software allows your team:

    • Import and export lists of prospects leads and customers easily, so this is a better step in the right direction.
    • Your team should have the capability to add labels to contacts and export the lists to cvs format and upload multiple lists into the same system.
    • Make sure that call centre software synchronizes data between all integrated business tools so that your contact data is always update.

    If you are interested in learning more about our cloud-based call centre software let Thakur International show you how easy it is to create your call center.

  4. Click to call

    Using call centre software with click to call allows to outbound teams to click on a phone number in any CRM, helpdesk, chat, website and to place an outbound call within the call centre software contact’s profile, missed call lists and voicemail lists. Except from this, this feature allows agents to make calls with a click of their mouse which reduces dialing errors and increases efficiency.

  5. Customizable outbound caller ID

    When a call center software allows teams to customize their outbound caller ID automatically increases connection rates and returned calls. Also, when teams match their caller ID to the area code of the contact they are calling, maybe the contact will be more likely to answer, and if they don’t answer they will be more likely to return the call. Call centre software with customizable outbound caller ID by Thakur International will increase the success of any outbound team.

  6. Automated tasks

    Your time is valuable, for many outbound teams, every second counts. So, save time and energy with automated tasks, a feature that takes tasks one step further by giving you the ability to automate setting tasks. If your goal is to develop an outbound team, you must equip them with tools that eliminate the redundancy of updating multiple business tools with the same contact data. In Thakur International, we can leverage call centre software with automated tasks which automatically create a ticket in all integrated business tools when a call is missed or a voicemail is received will reduce busy work for your outbound teams so they can spend their seconds where they really matter.

  7. Disposition codes

    Automated tasks are certainly helpful, but not all contact data can be updated automatically into call centre software and integrated business tools. For this reason, if you want to be successful, your team must manually update their contacts with relevant data quickly and easily. So, call disposition code is the tool that allows teams to do just that. Some benefits of using call disposition codes in the call centre are:

    • Keep your entire team on the same page
    • Easily alert teammates to follow up
    • Assign custom labels for an at a glance customer overview
    • Scrub call lists to remain DNC compliant
    • Create more successful calling campaign lists
    • Easily keep management informed
    • Benefit from comprehensive reporting on call outcomes
  8. Call recording and monitoring

    Call recording and call monitoring are the must-have tools that call center managers should use this pursuit. With these call centre software tools, managers can listen to live calls, whisper coach their agents to success and jump in on the call to help a customer. At any time, they can listen to previous calls, replay the recordings to pinpoint the caller’s exact needs and use call recordings in an agent coaching session. These call centre software tools are amazing for quality control purposes and optimizing the performance of outbound teams.

  9. Real time and historical reporting

    The final tool should be in an outbound team is comprehensive call centre reporting. Real-time and historical reporting allows the team to track the performance of their campaigns, agents, departments, and company as a whole. Specifically, in real-time reporting, there are some metrics which often include service level, number of calls in queue, average abandonment time, longest wait time so the agents and managers must make informed decisions based on updated information. Also, you must monitor the performance of your company so you can make intelligent business decisions based on comprehensive data.

The most common call centre software features listed above can completely change how your team interacts with their customers over the phone.

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