Why VA with Thakur International

VA with Thakur International

Get high-quality, convenient, and efficient assistance without the costs of permanent staff. Pay only for the services that you need, when you need them. Save money on office space, furniture, supplies and equipment. Save on other employee costs such as medical insurance, paid time-off, payroll taxes and training.


Thakur International can help you give all your callers a great first impression and provide high quality customer service, no matter what time of day the call is. All of our business service are available 24/7 from our call centre and your calls will be handled by our highly skilled and well trained agents.


We are the largest Virtual Assiant team that we know of, meaning we offer 100s of business services. Customers use us as a one-stop shop of their business needs.


We help you improve. Over the years, we have gained experience; we do not hesitate to be proactive when it comes to your business. If we see something we think you could be doing better, faster or smarter.


We employ a secure, collaborative project management system that we grant you complimentary access to. With the unique dashboard view, always know what we are working on and when. Our time-saving reporting system ensures that you never wonder if a task is being completed or how long it is taking.

Moreover, there are lots of benefits when you are with the team of Thakur International: Working from Thakur International offices, so Virtual Assistant of Thakur International could save the small company owner money, time and effort to name a few sources. Here are some reasons a small company could gain from employing a virtual assistant rather than a new-in-office worker.

  1. First up a virtual Assistant functions from Thakur International office or home. This is especially convenient if you are running a company from house or if you have actually restricted room at your very own office.
  2. Thakur International Virtual Assistant team uses our office equipment to give service to you. This is a big conserving as you do not have to supply expensive workplace tools.
  3. When you work with Thakur International virtual assistant team as an independent professional you do not need to handle payroll, pensions, perks or taxes such as health care insurance, etc.
  4. Your business is safe from purposeful misuses such as personal phone conversation during work hours or overtime costs due to absence of performance.
  5. You do not need to worry about additional personnel added to your payroll during peak or periodic activity time.
  6. You are not responsible for any type of instructional assistance as a lot of virtual assistants are well educated, computer skills and have actually currently done the majority of the procedures they offer earlier and recognize with the operations around in a workplace setting.
  7. Commonly Thakur International virtual assistants do not bill overtime for any type of services that has a specific deadline as they deal with expandable routines.
  8. A virtual assistant is excellent for managing any type of periodic or periodical jobs you might have. Once again saving you time, money and resources.
  9. One of the much more obvious benefits of hiring Thakur International virtual assistant team is that you never need to bother with sick leaves, vacation and time offs.

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