Why get a VA?

Whatever your tasks are, a VA can handle them.
Having a VA in your team can speed up most of the tasks while making you save money.
A Virtual Assistant (VA) is definitely a big help for your business. In fact, a VA‘s only goal is to assist you in your work. With their expertise, a VA will relieve you from those time-consuming, daily tasks so you can work with more ease.

See this situation: you own a business. Right when you want to get some core tasks done, calls get through, emails need to be answered to, webpages need to be built and more! There simply isn’t enough time to pull everything off and grow your business. Plus, hiring a new employee to manage all these tasks is way too expensive. You would need to pay for their insurance, payroll taxes and what not. Help, however, is out there.

A VA is there for you whenever you need them:

With a VA, there is no 9-5 job. In fact, they are available whenever you need them at the time you need them. In other words, a VA is far more flexible than a regular worker and, as a result, your tasks get done faster.

However, their flexibility does not only apply to their time plan, but also to their paycheck. You can, in fact, pay a VA by the hour or by the task and nothing more than that. It’s easy, it’s effective, it’s practical.

And what if you want to save some money, and if your contract allows it, you can easily pause their services, until you are ready to get back on track and tackle some more tasks.

What are the perks of a Virtual Assistant?

Although there are many benefits of getting a VA, the clearest one is saving money. But let’s see how you can get there:
  1. You do not have to provide an office or IT tools for your VA (unless you use, for example, specialized software)
  2. No need to pay for holidays, illness cover or taxes. In fact, these are paid by the outsourcing company.
  3. You get more free time not only to grow your business and do the tasks you enjoy but also to spend it with your family and friends. What’s more valuable than that?
  4. Extra help with accounting, administrative tasks or creating marketable content when your business or customer base expands.
  5. Work with a VA when choosing a new in-office member. Yes, picking the right employee can be daunting: you need to make the most out of your human resources and, of course, deal with all the paperwork. A VA can also help you with that and make the process smoother.
  6. You don’t lose new customers or leads. This is because your VA will take care of the administrative activities, leaving you carte blanche to push your business forward.
  7. You get the freedom of choice. In fact, if you need it, you can hire a VA who works on-site.
In short, there are lots of perks in using VA services, thanks to which you save both time and money. However, even if you get to pay less, it doesn’t mean that the quality of the work will be affected. VAs are experts and work efficiently while recognizing your specific needs. That is to say, you get top-quality service at all times and you will notice how fast your business achieves excellence.
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