Internship Programs and Grants

Sponsored internship programs

Thakur International offers internship programs to students and graduates from all over the world. So, if you are a university student or are applying for postgraduate training, you can decide to join our team. In fact, an internship program is a great way to put into practice what you have learned from university and jumpstart your career in the corporate world.

Your scholarship will cover all the costs, while you can learn to overcome the challenges of a real working environment. Moreover, you will see the results of your work from the very start. In fact, your work is precious and you will quickly notice how your help has an impact on the growth of the company. 

An internship program usually lasts between 3 and 6 months, which is plenty of time to get used to new activities. And there is more: , once you have learned your way through the job, you will get the opportunity to become a regular employee at Thakur International and earn a regular salary. 

Why is an internship program important for your career?

You have skills. And some of them you are yet to know about. An internship is a way to discover what you can do, improve your abilities and maximize your chances of employment. 

It mostly works like this: the better you get at doing something, the more you enjoy doing it. An internship program can help you to find out what are your talents, your strengths and where you can improve. And since you are working hands-on from the start, this process is even easier. As a result, you will be surprised at how much you can do even after a short period of time!

Surely, university is a way to cultivate your brain. You can learn about theories, ideas, and innovative practices. But university alone is not enough. In fact, most companies will ask you if you have any work experience. If you have had an internship program, you can boldly answer with a ‘yes’ and maximize your chances of employment.

But this is not all: in fact, you can beef up your CV with the new skills that you have learned during your internship program. An intern program is all about learning and because you can quickly put into practice what you learn, the learning process is even more rewarding. So, you will learn faster and you will be able to add your new skills to your CV.

The grants we offer

One of the perks of Thakur International is that it spreads into various fields. So, it is more likely that there is a place for you, too. In fact, you can apply the theory you have learned from your university program in a variety of fields. For example, you can earn a grant for your research or for your internship in:
  1. Content writing
  2. Web development
  3. Graphic design
  4. Digital marketing
And many more. You can find out more about the internship programs and the research grants that Thakur International offers at our career portal. Make sure you visit our website to learn more about our company and what we offer. We are looking forward to having you in our team.
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