Debt Recovery Service

Being a creditor puts you in a difficult position. No matter how much you might have looked into your client’s references and no matter how expert you are in your career, there is always the risk that your client will not pay.
To add to the uncertainty, your client may be in another country or even another continent!
Then it happens. The deadline you had fixed arrives. Your bank account? Not a sign of a transfer.
So, you logically contact your client. But they are nowhere to be found. Or, in the best-case scenario, they sketch out stories of how bad their financial situation is, the object that your product or service was defective and so on. You have heard it already. And you don’t want to hear it anymore.

This is where Thakur International can give you a hand. Our team of legal experts will take care of your debt collection without having to spend hours on the phone and wasting precious time you could dedicate to your business. See how we can help you with your debt collection:
  • We contact the debtor and try to achieve a voluntary payment
  • We develop an installment plan with the debtor
  • We help you with the enforcement procedures
If the image of a debt collector is often linked to bulky men with a threatening look on their face, however, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Each of your clients is treated with respect and empathy so we can achieve a peaceful solution without any hustle.
With our services, most of the time, you can solve your debt recovery process out of court. This means that you will save on all legal expenses. If, however, the case is brought to court, we can adopt measures to help you enforce the judgment. In this respect, you can choose from several options on how to proceed. Have a look:

  • Examination/notice order
  • Garnishee order
  • Writ of the levy of property
  • Bankruptcy and winding-up proceedings
  • Interests and legal costs

Different Approach on Debt Recovery

No matter how you decide to go on, our team will take care of all the bureaucracy involved and support you every step of the way.
Do you want to know more? Ask us what the best debt recovery options for your case are.
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