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Thakur International assists your customer in your auction sales service which benefit you with various ways providing auction live chat service, auction sales service and many more.

Key Advantages of Provide Chat Support on Your Auction sales

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Increase Bidder Confidence and Auction Sales with Live Chat

  1. Online auctions are an excellent way to buy and sell products and provide sales services. The one thing missing from most all auction websites is live human interaction.
  2. This is where Thakur International can help. We increase your online auction sales by enabling you to give immediate answers and assistance to online bidders through the live chat window.
  3. In the world of fast-paced auctions, email is too slow. Bidders should be able to click on a button to discuss the products and services you are offering. Live chat sessions are much more time-efficient and convenient than email and any question that can be answered over the phone can be answered more quickly and effectively in live customer chat.
  4. The ability to provide communication with a live person is a standout. The live chat increases the inherent value of your item because it shows that a live person will be easily accessible to help with live customer service issues after the close of the auction. It means you’re not just selling an item; you’re also selling customer support.
  5. Real-time auction customer support can also prevent negative feedback. No more misunderstandings about item auction sales service descriptions – potential bidders will be able to get instant, accurate answers to questions they may have about your auction listing. With live chat service, post-auction problems can be handled right away, before they get out of hand. Live auction chat prevents negative feedback caused by miss-communication or unintentional lags in email responses.

Having Support on your auction site will inspire confidence in uncertain bidders and loyalty from your repeat customers.

Fast, Easy Response

You can add live customer chat service right now to your new or existing auction listings in less than 15 minutes.

Customize Your Auction Live Chat

No expensive hardware installation or broadband Internet connection is required on your part. The appearance of the live chat buttons and interfaces are completely customization. Thakur International customize auction live chat interface as per your need.

Canned Responses and Typing Notification

Provide live chat buttons saves you time by allowing you to send pre-written (canned) answers to repeatedly asked questions about your items. A web page “push” feature allows you to send bidders to pages containing other items you’re auctioning or pages containing additional information about the items you are offering.

Monitor Your Auction for Chats Anywhere, Anytime

Thakur International provides you to conveniently monitor your auction for chat requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any system with access to the Internet. If you are offline or unavailable to answer live chat requests, you will receive prompt, reliable email from our system.

A Cost-Effective Way to Increase Sales

With very little investment, Thakur International live customer chat helps you to increase your sales and improve customer service.

Thakur International Virtual Assistant

Thakur International is Proud to announce that we have more than 100 trained and experienced professionals in various fields so that we can provide virtual assistant to any organization for customer chat and technical aspects as well.


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