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Since its introduction on the market, in 2007, Apple has been a synonym for innovation. With the constant innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, the company has gained the reputation of producing the most forward-looking devices out there.

This is also why Apple products have turned into a status symbol and this is why, with every new release, more and more people are flocking into the stores to ensure themselves a piece of innovation.

But it is not only the sophisticated design to attract the attention of customers. Apple is, indeed, also famous for being very user-friendly and for offering an incredible amount of apps. If you could have a look around on the App Store, you could end up losing yourself. Why? Because there are over 2.1 million apps ready for download. And the number is increasing.

iOS users are those who use apps the most. This is great news if you want to include an app in your communication strategy. Yet, you shall also consider that the same customers you are trying to appeal have a lot of other apps to choose from. Rising up among the crowd is a challenge per se.

But we, here at Thakur International, love challenges! And we also love being part of the wave of innovation that is flooding the market. For these reasons, we are here to help you develop that very app that will allow you to gain more visibility and get closer to your customers.

Our iOS App Development Services:

We believe that the most effective way to stand out is presenting yourself as you really are. This is why, when we develop an iOS app for you, we make sure that it really embodies your company’s spirit, values, and goals. In our many years of experience working with iOS apps, we know how to work around your budget while still reaching the highest levels in design and in functionality. And we don’t stop only with iPhone apps: we also develop for iPads and iPods, so your product is always available. Anytime. Everywhere.

Scroll down to have a look at the iOS App Development Services that we at Thakur International offer. You can find a rich variety of application types adaptable to any industry.

  • Banking Apps
  • Custom iPhone Utilities
  • Educational and eLearning Apps
  • Geolocation Apps
  • Retail and Fashion Apps
  • SMS and Email Management Solutions
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Travelling and Navigation Apps
  • Wearable Apps for Apple Watch Games, Sport & Media
  • Weather Apps
  • e-commerce Apps with Payment Gateway Integration
  • iOS Application Porting
  • iOS Books, and News Apps
  • m-Commerce Apps
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