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A Virtual Assistant is an independent company person that offers outsourced business assistance. Think of your Virtual Assistant as a freelance personal assistant or secretary. Your Virtual Assistant is not a regular employee, so you choose when and how much aid you need.

Personal Assistant

Lots of small businesses have heard of Virtual Assistants or have actually experienced them when networking however is unsure exactly how a Virtual Assistant can help. A Virtual Assistant resembles a personal assistant. Specialists and supervisors of large companies have personal assistants to help keep them organized and concentrated. When visiting check out a health care specialist, you would not expect them to squander their time scheduling consultations. They have aides to make sure the smooth running of their departments. Directors and elderly managers in big business organizations have personal assistants to support them and help them handle their work. You may not be made use of to delegating to a virtual aide, however our Virtual Assistants have worked as personal assistants in the corporate world and have the encounter and professionalism and trust needed sustaining you.

Thakur International Virtual Assistant

Thakur International is a modern-day technique to standard staffing and Virtual Assistant firms. We offer instant access to 100s of capability collections for one inexpensive, affordable per hour price. Our unique business design is based upon the need our creator saw for companies to enhance their activities and the vendors they deal with and to inevitably, make running (and growing) their companies easier.

We give services to small companies, entrepreneurs and supervisors that do not have the area, equipment, funds or desire to hire a staff individual full-time, in house. We offer procedures you require, when you desire them and for a portion of the expense of an employee. The area of our services include administrative, marketing, web, graphic design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, copy writing, content development, web design, remote sensing, web GIS and many more.

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