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Management Consulting

Management consulting is a broader aspect of any business and a very important decision making role which impacts all the strategy and growth of your business. Our team here at Thakur International works closely with different businesses to work with their team at the highest level, constructing pivotal decisions ensuring growth. Here’s  how we do it.

Decision for the Bigger picture

Our visionary team helps businesses visualize their long term goals. We break down your business into simple blocks to separate smaller goals which we then use to construct your vision in the long term.

Gaining Exposure

Awareness and reputation of a business lie in gaining exposure. We work with clients and develop strategies together to create exponential exposure methodology for their business to the target market which drives potential clients to them.

Strategy Implementation

Thakur International works with businesses of different nature having different vision and purpose. Our dedicated teams understands the different needs of a business, as we believe every business has their own unique story, we help them to visualise it and bring their story to life with result oriented strategy implementation.

Audit and more

TIFAOS internal audit & tax and compliance approach enables our client’s management to make smarter decisions regarding the types of controls necessary and the level of controls necessary to achieve the organization’s objectives. We provide best in class internal audit & tax and compliance services to our clients in local and global markets while enabling them to comply with requisite requirements in the robust and challenging environment of regulations and International GAAPs.

Our Internal Audit Department strives to ensure that Internal Audit is conducted with the highest standards & auditing procedures to ensure total compliance of client’s requirements. Our advanced auditing approach and techniques are designed to meet the needs of large, established and growing organizations. The prime focus during the audit is kept on understanding the important transaction cycles affecting our clients business.

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