Insurance Service

Insurance Service

Key Advantages of Using Provide Support on Insurance Websites

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Thakur International assists your customer in your insurance service facilitating to Service Insurance Agency which benefits you with various ways such as:

Live Online Help Ensures Increased Customer Satisfaction

  1. It’s proven that website visitors appreciate the ability to chat with a live person if they need assistance. Thakur International live chat system on Insurance Service is your insurance against the loss of new and established customers due to lack of website support.
  2. The live help button on your website having worldwide insurance services instantly puts your customers in contact with one of your operators or licensed agents. No one has to wait for an email response, and no one gets put on hold.
  3. Thakur International Insurance Service with live chat system does more than benefit your established customers – it’s also a serious online sales tool. Agents and operators can proactively invite website visitors to chat.
  4. Live chat speeds the flow of information between agent and customer. All information that can be given over the phone can be given to the customer more expeditiously during a live chat session.
  5. The live help button shows prospective customers that a live person will be available to assist them with post-sale customer service issues. With provide support, both you and your valued customers are covered.

Convenience for Both Agents and Customers

Thakur International Live chat system allows your customers to check the status of their policies, inquire about additional coverage, change deductibles, see a list of items covered in a homeowner’s policy, and get speedy answers to complex questions.

Live Answers to Save Time

Using chat answers for such questions is much faster than repeating the same information in every phone call.

Chat Transcripts for Training and Quality Control

Transcripts of all chat sessions may be automatically sent any email address. Information from these chats can be used for quality control purposes, training new staff, and determining which information might need to be added to the website.

Thakur International Virtual Assistant

Thakur International is Proud to announce that we have more than 100 trained and experienced professionals in various fields so that we can provide virtual assistant to any organization for customer chat and technical aspects as well.


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