12 September 2015


 September 12, 2015

Call Center

What makes call center service attractive among young people is the opportunity for language skills improvement, learning skills in non-physical marketing, based only on verbal communication. The good chances for gaining skills in some of the information systems that are used is also an advantage of the call center jobs. If there is a job offered in some call center service providing company, there are some criteria in candidate selection: clear voice color, charisma, language skills, interpersonal skills and similar. The recruiter sometimes performs a set of the test and tricky question, in order to test candidates abilities in handling multiple calls, work under pressure, prioritize estimation and general communication abilities. The Call Center Service is not just pick-up-the-phone task, it is a very complex set of services, including E-mail Management, Catalog Preparation, Telemarketing, Help Desks, Social Networking, Computer Marketing, etc.

Call Center Training

First Phase

If the recruiter recognizes the potential in a candidate, the improvements are needed. The training process is very intensive and requires the communicology and psychologist involved in the same. These experts are engaged in the first phase of the training process, where the candidates are trained for convincing, understanding, customer relations, interpersonal skills, estimation of the consumer’s involvement and similar. This phase is part of the general education process arranged for the call center personnel.

Second Phase

The second phase is the phase where the personnel is trained for the specific requirements stated by a client that is using outsourced call center service. The phase requires learning the client’s product and service, gaining skills in the specific system that is used, learning the client’s corporate culture, and learning to behave and treat the consumer by it. In this phase, the candidate becomes part of the client company with the status of a non-located call center worker.

Third Phase

Third and the last phase is the phase where the candidate is trained for the feedback collection. There are certain methods used in over-phone communication, where they are trained to measure consumer’s involvement and interested, estimated the level of positive energy in the consumer’s voice and the consumer’s satisfaction. This estimation can be performed during the phone call, called real-time estimation. This estimation is subjective and depends on candidate skills. Another tool is a set of questions for satisfaction measurement. This can be done right before the conversation has been finished or by using the SMS option. The second option is less likely to be caught, so the candidates are trained to do the estimation before and during the conversation.

Additional Call Center Training

In some cases, where the language level is not sufficient, the language courses are organized, but the focus is on the candidates that are fluent in a required language.

Call Center Service

Call center services: Inbound Call Center, Outbound Call Center, and Live Chat solution

Thakur International is one of those companies who have big experience in providing call center services all across South Asia. The service can be combined with inbound and outbound call center service, and interactive live chat, or just the service that is one-directional, B2C, B2B or C2B.

  1. Inbound Call Center Service includes: Inbound Phone Calls Management, E-mails organization, SMS and MMS replies
  2. Outbound Call Center Service includes: Outbound Phone Calls Proposals Preparation, E-mails proposals, Social Media Marketing, SMS and MMS product marketing, Online Innovation Promotion, Real-time Consumers’ Attention Tracking, Feedback Management ( purchases, response, reaction, comments, criticism, reception, reviews )
  3. Live Chat Solution can include social application, skype or other live communication tools.

Thakur International is a recognized company in call center service providing. You can read the cases of the service implementation in our Case Study section.

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