28 June 2019


 June 28, 2019
So, you are probably a people’s person. Somebody who is open, kind and talkative. If this sounds like you, I want to ask you a question: Have you ever thought about making a career out of these skills? If so, being a call center agent may be the right job for you. Let’s see why and how can you become a pro.

What is a call center agent?

Let’s start from scratch: a call center agent is an employee who works in a call center. But you might also hear the word “call center representative”, which is actually the same thing. This figure can take incoming calls, make outgoing ones or both. In short, a call center agent is, among the types of call center jobs, the most known one and, perhaps, the most active.

Are there other types of call center jobs?

Call center agents are not alone. In fact, as it goes for most offices, also in call centers there are teams and roles. So, if you become part of the staff, you will get to know different types of call center jobs, such as:
  1. Call center manager
  2. Call center supervisor
  3. Customer service manager
These job figures are very important. You could actually see them as guides in your call center journey. In fact, they try and keep everything planned, so you can work better and more efficiently.

Where are you going to work?

Not all call centers are created equal. As a matter of fact, different types of call centers need different kinds of skills. Let’s see what options you have and where you can shine the most.
  1. Inbound call center: in this type of call center, you are going to take care of clients. In fact, in this job, you will answer calls and use your best problem-solving skills to improve customer’s experience. Thai is, inbound call centers have a lot to do with customer service. So, if you are more into helping people, this is the job for you. 
  2. Outbound call center: do CRM software ring a bell? This acronym stands for   Relationship Management and it refers to software used to track and manage interactions with clients. In fact, the main goal of an outbound call center is to make sales. As you may have noticed, here, the job of a call center agent is quite far from customer service. So, if you have a talent for sales, you could really shine here. 
  3. Domestic call center: working in this kind of call center means dealing with calls within the country you are in. For example, a domestic call center in Germany will only deal with calls in that same country. However, usually, they also provide customer service in English. Therefore,  you can definitely become a call center assistant if you speak it fluently.
  4. International call center: no more boundaries. Working in an international call center means that you will be in touch with people from other countries. In fact,  in this type of call centers, various languages are spoken, though, in particular, English. 

Call center agent phone
As a call center agent, the phone is going to be your most valued tool. So, be prepared to get the next call. <br>

What are the duties of a call center agent?

When duty calls, a good call center agent always answers with a smile. In other words, politeness plays a key role in this job, both in an inbound or an outbound call center. In fact, it is the building block of any further task you will need to manage. Now let’s dive into the practical stuff and find out what your duties as a call center agent are going to be: If you are working in an inbound call center, some of your tasks will be:
  1. Answering calls
  2. Answer to customer’s questions
  3. Solve customer complaints
  4. Give more info about a product or service
  5. Write call reports
Whereas, if you are working in an outbound call center, some of your tasks will look like the following:
  1. Call businesses or potential clients
  2. Describe what you are selling
  3. Get info about the customer
  4. Fill in a database of customers and leads
  5. Keep a record of interactions, orders and accounts
These are some of the basic duties of a call center agent, however, depending on the company you are going to work for, these may vary, so the job will be richer. Don’t worry, though, companies usually offer training to their new workers, so you will learn everything you need to know to work at best.

Tips for a call center interview:

So, if you think this job works for you and you are planning to start you need to put yourself out there. Here are some tips for a call center interview that we, at Thakur International, recommend to make sure you pass the test. Our company has years of experience in providing top call center services and customer service in English and other languages. So, we would like to share with you some of our insights and help you become a pro call center agent.
  1. Get info about the job: Even though you may not have any direct experience yet, explain why you will be good for the position. This means having a clear picture of what your duties as a call center agent are going to be and having an idea of the field in general.
  2. Practice, rehearse and repeat: Situations are easier if you are prepared. Try and practice what you are going to say about yourself in front of a mirror or with a friend. Do it until you sound convincing about your skills and the reasons you are born to be a call center agent. Of course, without sounding cocky.
  3. Have one or two questions ready: At the end of the call center interview, you are probably going to get some space for questions. So, make sure you have some ready. You can, for example, ask more details about the company, what goal they expect you to achieve or what they look for in a candidate.
  4. Stay positive: if you get questions about your skills, show that you are a fast learner and that you are taking action to improve even more. Likewise, if you need to answer questions related to the company, present it in a positive light and know what you like about them.
This is just the beginning of your journey as a call center agent and you will surely learn more while you are actually working. But, of course, starting with the right foot can really set you up for success. So, make sure you check out Thakur International website if you need more information about call center services and how we work.

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