How to be a virtual assistant

How to be a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant can change your life, giving you back your days so you can work on the tasks that will take your business to incredible new places. Virtual assistant use technology to deliver a service to the client. Also, provides services to individuals, organizations or companies. It’s excellent work at home opportunity and one of the most cost-effective ways of making money online. A virtual assistant can create our own schedule that it reduces the stress from everything. Except that, assess your requirements and match you up with a Virtual assistant that possesses the relevant skills set and available at your disposal.

How to be a Virtual assistant at Thakur International

Virtual assistant at Thakur International, Nepal

Thakur International is a modern-day technique to standards staffing and virtual assistant company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We offer instant access to 100s of capability collections for one inexpensive, affordable per hour price. Get high-quality, convenient and efficient assistance without the costs of permanent staff. Pay only for the services you need, when you need them. We offer reliability and accessibility for a secure, collaborative project management system. We are proactive, so we help you improve your business. We offer a vast range of services after that we are the largest virtual assistant team. Our team is well educated, computer skills and have currently done most of the procedures they offer earlier and recognize with the operation around in a workplace setting. We give services to small companies, entrepreneurs and supervisors that do not have the area, equipment, funds or desire to hire a staff individual full-time, in house. The area of our services includes administrative, marketing, web, graphic design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, copywriting, content development, web design, remote sensing, web GIS and many more.

How we work as Virtual Assistant

It’s difficult to find someone adjective to assist you in building your business. A virtual assistant works remotely. Also, they must:

  1. Do any tasks you require, provided they have the information and software available to them online.
  2. Works in several modes of communication and data include the Internet, e-mail and phone-call conferences, online workspaces, and fax machine.
  3. Can provide a wide range of products and services with its business customers.
  4. Give a legal and secretarial customer service. They work under the administrative and other IT is also working on computer.
  5. Also, works under the management company, which consists of an individual as well companies work profession.

Work schedule for Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant must have knowledge, experience, integrity and of course collaboration, because there are countless services that you can provide like programming, data entry, graphic design, managing the calendars of many clients so tasks must include dealing with meeting invitations from others, scheduling appointments with clients and helping to plan events. An experienced virtual assistant will take care of your to-do list for a fraction of the cost. They work to make sure the smooth running of their departments, they support you and help you to handle your work. They can do what you need for five or so hours a week to take phone calls while you are in conferences. Essentially virtual assistant is a useful expert whose single functions is to assist you with your needs.

Things to know for Virtual Assistant

Some tasks which must know a virtual assistant are:

  1. Email Management/Filtering
  2. Booking appointments with clients
  3. Following up with clients/customers (sending thank you and other reminder emails)
  4. Calendar Management (clear the clutter & focus on the important)
  5. File Management (organizing files using Dropbox)
  6. Database building (updating email or contact lists on your CRM)
  7. Manage and update Social Media Accounts (track conversations and measure campaign results)
  8. Manage your blog (Basic WordPress Skills)
  9. Filter and reply to comments on your blog
  10. Blog commenting (to increase links to your site)

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