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Live telephone answering servicesLive telephone answering

The most highly rated by consumers are live telephone answering services.

These services come in a few different formats. Some provide a staff of at-home workers taking care of your calls, while others employ receptionists in a call center that act as your virtual receptionist from their location.

Both of these options provide a professionally trained live person to handle your incoming calls.

The goal of a live telephone answering service is to make the caller feel as though they reached your actual office.

The live person will answer the phone and act as your employer


Call centers

Call centers are a bit different than a live answering service, but are still one of the types of telephone answering services.

This type of service caters more to larger businesses with a very high volume of calls than to smaller businesses.

They almost always provide 24/7 service, and may even be able to provide technical or product support.

Using a call center to answer your incoming calls is quite expensive because the staff at a call center is much larger and works around the clock.

Some companies will actually use a call center as a part of their business, while others will outsource to a call center.


Automated telephone answering services (IVR)

Not every type of telephone answering service provides a live person to answer the phone. Some are automated, which is quite different than having a live person answering your calls.

Automated answering services provide an automated voice that gives callers options that they can choose with their key pad or yes or no answers.

You may need to press 1 to hear directions or hours or a different number to leave a message.

This is a much less expensive type of answering service, but it also takes away the personal touch and is known for frustrating callers.


Why Thakur International?

Business owners, professionals and sales consultants are all starting to realize that customers want the personalized service of talking to a live person when they call a business instead of a prerecorded message.

Hence, many business owners are turning to forwarding their calls to a telephone answering service after normal business hours, on weekends, during lunch breaks and when no one is available to take incoming calls.

Our company Thakur International is a rapidly growing call center  BPO that serves big and small companies worldwide.

Thakur International based in Nepal, which is the famous worldwide and what is less known is that “Nepal is a good place for Work, Investment, and Outsourcing”.


telephone answering

Our professional answering services concern:

  1. Chat & E-mail services
  2. E-learning development & support
  3. Desktop, sharing & printing solution publishing support services.
  4. Financial & accounting services
  5. Data entry and Data analysis
  6. Market Research and Industry Solution


We offer cost-effective and cost-savings solutions for organizations and individuals.

Since 2000, our company has helped to improve the customer experience, reduce operational costs, and improve productivity of businesses in industries.

There are many ways that an international answering service can change the way your business does business for the better.
As we know that Time, Money, Service are important, and they play main role to improve your business.

As one of among service providers in the answering services industry, we will save your time, increase your business and improve all your operations that includes customer service with telephone.

Our virtual assistant group is always available for you and for your clients consistently, in every occasions, and at the ends of the week for picking up the telephones calls with adequately and tenderly.

In our group we have so very much prepared workers that your customers think their calls are being handled by your on-location staff and they know how to reply to normally made inquiries, they can set appointments, messages, emails, live or recording and SMS.

We care, and we take our name seriously and we treat you and callers/customers in polite manner.

Our telephone answering services fit with every kind of Business, no matter how complicated is.

If you need support in the previous listed fields services, pleas contact us.

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