IT Analyst Services

IT Analyst Services

Are you searching for a professional who will see the “big picture” of your business? You came to the right place! Equipped with a knowledge of both business and technology, IT Analyst will analyze your organization’s current computer systems and procedures. In addition, the expert will recommend strategic changes to improve productivity, lower costs and achieve business goals.

If you desire your company’s business model and Information Technology (IT) systems to work together effectively, you need a systems analyst. Computer Systems Analysts from Thakur international will manage your IT solutions to drive your business goals to the highest level.

What is IT Analyst?

IT analysts (also known as a Systems Analyst or Systems designer) is a professional within the information technology department. Numerous systems analysts are experienced developers who design and code computer systems updates. Likewise, other analysts without a programming background work closely with software developers to implement changes in the information technology infrastructure.
Systems analyst has an in-depth knowledge of available IT solutions, as well
as an analytical mind capable of solving difficult problems. Therefore, IT analysts have strong communication skills, with an understanding to explain solutions with clarity.
Analytical, solution-focused, great communicators and team players – these are the professionals who work for Thakur International!

What does an IT analyst do?

At all times, the IT analyst provides technical support and advice IT users while working remotely. System analyst helps resolve customers’ technical problems via email, phone, social media and another communication platform. Within the organization, the IT analyst is responsible for analyzing current systems to find any flaws or inefficiencies. Moreover, the expert is accountable for planning solutions to resolve all issues and ensure long-term effectiveness.

Common responsibilities of the job include:

  • Analyzing current systems
  • Communicating with IT systems users
  • Producing specifications for new or modified systems
  • Working together with other in-house IT staff to produce new systems
  • Implementing new systems to the IT infrastructure

Why hire an IT analyst with Thakur International?

  • 24/7 emergency service – Don’t worry! IT Analyst from Thakur International will quickly help you recover after an IT breakdown.   Just simply call our specialist and they will manage all the occurred problems.
  • Value – In particular we are trying to offer competitive rates to keep the business development cost affordable. Although the service cost is low, our priority is to provide the highest level of information technology support.
  • Professional support – Experts from Thakur International can act as your own outsourced IT department as well as operate together with an existing internal team while working remotely. IT analyst will easily adapt to the existing condition and will provide detailed expertise of your IT infrastructure.

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