Medical and Physician Answering Services

Medical Answering:

Thakur International can give practical cost-effective medical answering services physician answering services that will decrease your night hours, end of the week, and occasion Answering costs.

Our services are accessible for all hospitals centres, in-doctor facility facilities, after hour facilities and clinic possessed practices in doctor facilities, and additionally private medicinal practices.
A medical answering service call center is fundamental for accessible if the need arises doctors.
Patients need to know specialists can be achieved 24 hours every day in case of crisis.

A profoundly sorted out voice-mail not just makes the initial call to the specialist on call, but additionally puts a subsequent call to the patient to guarantee somebody has reacted.

You can set up a convention for those circumstances when the accessible if the need arises doctor does not react, which may incorporate paging another specialist.

medical answering

Thakur International can do:

Our team provides customer service representatives is knowledgeable in the act of Telephone Answering services for the medical industry, and we will take after your controls.
We have a continuous arrangement of value control checks, verifying that your patients will dependably get the most abnormal amount of care and polished skill on each call. Plans can be changed or extended as the need presents itself.


telephone answering1.All Day Answering Service:

Our staff works All day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

While most of your patients will call during normal business hours, couple of
patients will call during non-business hours,24 hours we give benefit in legitimate
patient care management.

Patients and their families will be relieved realizing that regardless of whether your
entryways are shut, your office is constantly open. With our service, you are just as
far away as a telephone call.



physician answering2.Intake Procedures:

Our dedicated specialist administration can give staff gathering by social occasion patients; data before their first visit, noting protection or referral inquiries, or reacting to charging and instalment request.

The more we think about your training, the better we can help you and your patients.






Medical answering3.Crisis Hotlines:

The nature of the restorative business is relatively characterized by the way associations handle rising consideration.

Our specialists realize that solid, conscious administration is basic when screening crisis calls.

Based on the criteria you give, we will assemble all the patient data and get in touch with you or your staff by means of telephone, email, or content.

We can even set up guide hotlines for patients to use in cases of extreme emergencies.




medical answering

4.Consultation agenda:

Interfacing with your online timetable administration application, we can plan, alter, or drop arrangements for callers.

Any updates will be instantly solved to you and your staff with the goal that you can design as needs be.

Furthermore, our outbound call update benefit enormously adds to expanded proficiency
and avoids miscommunication and missed arrangements.



Thakur International Medical Answering Services Include:

  1.  Automated first-ring get
  2.  Calls replied with politely
  3.  Availability of administration all day-24hours
  4.  Daily faxing or messaging of messages
  5.  English-talking administrators
  6.  Secure informing to all cell phones
  7. Automated available to come back to work planning
  8. Automated registration and registration
  9.  Caller ID on each message
  10.  Customized scripting on each record


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