Multi-Channel Support Services Outsourcing

Multi-Channel Support Services:

Clients need fast determination by customer channels like live chat, telephone, email, IVR, SMS, internetand social media.

So, what is multi channel customer service?

Client dependent organizations can never guarantee consumer satisfaction through a single client service channel.

This is a basic issue, on the grounds that troubled clients rapidly end up vocal on online social networks.

So businesses choose to receive a multi channel customer support methodology, the better they will do.

Thakur International, we understand that if the contact center fails to handle customer queries originating from different channels, at that point the clients may hang up on that
organization for good.

Accordingly, we provide high-quality multi channel customer service strategy in order to support that assistance increment their customer maintenance, help deals, and enhance
consumer loyalty.

All things considered, understanding the client correct needs and taking care of their requests is imperative for any organization to cut through the opposition.

Thakur International omni channel support service Offers:



Multi-Channel Support Services1.Telephone support services:

Inbound call center service: We give the best-quality inbound call center services to worldwide clients.

Serving an assortment of worldwide customers crosswise over different industry parts, for example, banking, travel, managing an account, airlines, and so on., we are prepared to give proficient inbound call center support.


Outbound call center service: We have practical experience in giving best quality outbound call center services.

Our administrations assist organizations with increasing their business, test new markets, follow-ups, mails and grow best client connections.




Multi-Channel Support Services

2.Live chat support services:

Our online chat services can assist your association with serving your clients better and enhance consumer satisfaction.

Our live chat support services assist organizations with increasing their deals and give them enough time to focus on their center business


With the capacity to answer client inquiries rapidly, our live chat support helps in rapidly handling various client questions without putting them on hold.






Multi-Channel Support Services3.Email support services:

We provides email support services to worldwide customers, in which our email support operators will rapidly address all mails and give appropriate answers to the clients.

By outsourcing non-voice support to us, you can be guaranteed that all yourclient messages will be quickly tended to and their questions will be resolved in time.

Our email support services assist customers with enhancing their consumer satisfaction, hold client loyalty and increase sales and customers.






Multi-Channel Support Services4.Social media support services:

With the quantity of social media channels being used today, social media support has increased enormous popularity in the course of recent years.

At Thakur International, we give rapid response to clients through various social media channels including Facebook and Twitter and so on.

This kind of help has turned out to be one of the quickest developing techniques utilized by clients to contact organizations for help with any issue.





Multi-Channel Support Services5.Offline support services:

Apart from the normal online support services, we additionally represent considerable authority in giving quality offline contact center support services.

We have very well-trained and experienced offline support operators who can comprehend any sort of client issues.

In this kind of help, clients can likewise walk up to a store or office and specifically interact with the specialists to get their issues sorted.






Benefits of Multi-Channel Support Services

  1. Customer service channel strategy increases customer satisfaction
  2. Helps build customer relationships
  3. Customer support channels add to the value of the product or service
  4. Multi-channel contact centers make it more feasible to provide international support
  5. Taking customer service to the customers via social media channels
  6. To leverage cost-efficient digital channels
  7. To provide a human touch for modern online marketplaces


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