Outsource Customer Support Service

Outsource Customer Support Service to Nepal

Customer Support service is one of our most important service which we provide in our Thakur International, so we don’t outsource it like a few organizations.

Everybody on our prepared and experienced team is an inContact employee, which implies they profoundly
comprehend our technology and their highest priority is to encourage you.

Customer Support service

We support your contact center with:

  1. Technical Support Services
  2. Remote IT Support Services
  3. Customer Toll-Free Services
  4. Email and Chat support
  5. Social Media Services
  6. Multi-Channel Support Services.


A voice and non-voice based multi-channel can help your business develop altogether by successfully understanding client needs and giving redid solutions.

Outsourcing customer support system offers a convincing case for ROI (return on investment), minus a lot of the risk inherent in setting up a complex operation that is not a core competency.

Outsource your customer support to us and be assured that there will be professional and highly-qualified people handling your customers and providing good customer care service.


Why Thakur International for Customer Support service

customer support service

At Thakur International, we endeavor to have an obvious effect on your contributions by conveying excellent client encounter through phone calls, messages, emails, web talking sessions, SMS, and different other self-benefit mediums.

With a specific end goal to meet client expectations, it is vital to realize what their expectations are.

Clients reported that when they call a help contact center, their needs are to conversate with a skilled agent and to have their issues must be solved rapidly.

This information can be useful for employees to evaluate their own customer service practices.

Before telephone is the most utilized and easy method which many people use for communication with contact center specialists and followed by email.

Now a day’s clients for customer support service would like contact centers to communicate features like call back from queue, real-time
video, speech recognition systems to enhance their call center experience.

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