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The Client for Outbound Call Center Service

An Indian company that sells home decoration ideas and solutions requested an outbound call center for promoting its name and its product to the consumers located in Nepal, for increasing partner circle by gaining partnerships with the companies in similar fields that operate in Nepal.

The Requirement

What this client makes different is a specific set of the products that need to be promoted, that can be categorized into more than three group. This requires the call center agents to possess the wide range of knowledge in the product, including product technical specifications, designing skills, art sensitivity, product verbal description skills, marketing skills and good interpersonal skills. The first requirement generated from the text above is high-tech skilled agents with the good marketing talents. This also includes the talent to keep people’s attention in the marketing process. One of the requirements is developing the idea for keeping track of the consumers’ attention during the phone calls. In the end, the last important requirement is a measurement of effectiveness and feedbacks collecting.
The outbound call center service is targeting consumers in Nepal, where the service was delivered 9.00 hour per day and 6 days per week.
Language: Nepali, Hindi, and English
Scope of the service: Outbound Phone Calls Proposals Preparation, E-mails proposals, Social Media Marketing, SMS and MMS product marketing, Online Innovation Promotion, Real-time Consumers’ Attention Tracking, Feedback Management ( purchase, response, reaction, comments, criticism, reception, reviews )

The Challenge of Outbound Call Center Service

Previous requests were “book cases” compared to this one, where we have challenged to develop the effective way for the real-time consumers’ attention tracking. The group of individuals shaped in a team considered the methods used in psychology to develop a way for tracking the consumer’s attention. There is an obstacle in the interaction because it is based on wire-communication, the telephone. The methods and instrument are limited on the physical presence of the subject. In this case, we have developed the alternative- infiltrating the tricky questions and focusing on the real-life needs for the products that are sold by our client will result in highly focused consumers, where the communication is not based on the pure telephone marketing, but on developing the needs for the relevant product. The concept is: Instead of measuring the attention, using the interactive communication our agents will create the reason for the attention, and the result will be measured in feedbacks.

Every outbound call center service has a certain issue in training agents for the online marketing, where there are some agent-related conditions for the successful service.

The agents chosen for the outbound service must be:

  1. Effective in usage of the equipment and technologies
  2. Good in marketing methods implementation
  3. Good in customer relationship management when there is no eye-to-eye contact, in over-phone communication
  4. Have in-depth knowledge about the company’s products and services
  5. Give importance to customer’ s identity
  6. Focused on customer rather than selling

The Solution for Outbound Call Center Service

The solution that we have derived was transferred on the paper and executed by the specialist in call center service. The project execution was very successful because of the previous experience was taken into account. Also, calculation of the risk and possibility of the potential problems done in the risk management process were two factors for the successful project execution.
During the implementation process, there was no any unexpected problem in staff targeting, training or any other problem in the call center setting process. As the main factor for this service improvement is the experience of our agent gained over the time, where the service is adjusted by its own.

The Result

As a direct result of our outbound call center service, the client recorded many new product inquiries and received the previously unavailable feedbacks from the products consumers. This was a stepping stone for the new products developed by the consumer’s’ explicit desires and welcomed this Indian company to the Nepali homes.

This engagement was very beneficial for our company, too. The client spread the positive word and recommendation to their partners and other stakeholders, what was a good marketing for our Outbound Call Center Service.





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