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The Client for Inbound Call Center Service

One of the most satisfied client on or list, with no doubts, is a company in a medical and life insurance business in South Asia, where in 2014, the company requested the inbound call center insurance help and support desk for their consumers located in Nepal. The client has many branches all around Nepal, where we can mention some cities: Birgunj, Biratnagar, Butwal, Dhangadi, Dharan, Kathmandu Narayanghat, Nepalgunj, Palpa, Pokhara, Janakpur, Jhapa. The set of requirements this insurance company wanted for its help desk and support call center was very different comparing to previously implemented projects, we have took the risk and accepted the challenge.

The Requirement
By the client’s explicit requirements we have framed the project plan, where, among the stated requirements there could found the brief definition of the service required: To cater to the insurance-related queries and issues the customer wanted an inbound calls center service and help desk, where the main aim behind it is gaining the highest level of customers’ satisfaction.
In a detailed request, the client stated:

  1. Location: Nepal
  2. Service delivered: 24/7 h
  3. Language: Nepali, Hindi, and English
  4. Scope of the service: Inbound Phone Calls Management, E-mails organization, SMS and MMS replies

The Challenge in Inbound Call Center Service

Every project at one point of its planning or implementing process is challenged by some business obstacle or a problem from its environment. A large number of inbound calls, in any case, can not be managed internally, but even if the solution is outsourced the outsourcing company needs to be very effective.
Our client provides a diverse range of the insurance policies and insurance-related services and this fact results in large consumers’ scopes. This was challenging for us because of a large amount of data and information needed to be managed and stored.
Another issue was staffing and equipping the inbound call center service. The Support Staff answering the inbound calls had to be:

Technically proficient and skilled in a variety of equipment’s tools and technologies
Had to have experience in customer relationship management when there is no eye-to-eye contact, in over-phone communication
Experienced enough to fix customer issues over the phone, and to answer complex technical queries
Had experience with the database management
Had to learn the basic concepts of the insurance business and the detailed information about service that is provided by our client.

The Solution for Inbound Call Center Service

After considering all the possible obstacles, calculation of the risk and possibility of the potential problems, we have derived the solution for the required service. Taking into account our previous experience in call center solution supplying, the help desk service, theoretically, was a perfect solution – the only step left was the implementation.

The Implementation

The implementation process included these steps:

  1. Staff targeting – Only staff with broad knowledge in used technology and equipment was hired
  2. Training – The further training process on the insurance services provided by client was supervised by the client itself
  3. Equipping – The technology equipment was purchased earlier by qualified supplier
  4. Adoption and Adjustment – In order to avoid any lapse in a real situation we have arranged the probation and practice, where we have recognized the segment of the service that needed adjustment and further adoption.

The demonstration process was very successful and the client and consumers are very happy with our (ongoing) support services where we continuously receive positive feedbacks and tangible benefit metrics as our award for the successful business.

The Result

This engagement was recognized as a large-scope project, the project that can launch us to the international scale. The forecast was true. Right after this project has been finished, the client spread the positive word and recommendation what caused our Inbound Call Center Service to become one of the top five best-selling services in the Nepal, and made us recognized all across the Asian continent.