Remote IT support services

Remote IT support services


Network problems, hardware malfunction, Computer problems, breakdowns, bugs, data backup requirements, here are some draw out a list of the most irritating things at work if we need handling these issues immediately.


Such times, you won’t have the patience to wait for your technical assistant to solve your problem according to your priorities and lot of time wasted by each individual employee in your organization with their computer malfunction or with a virus.

Do you need real-time solutions for all the above problems? We, Thakur Internationals
provides you remote IT support services.

We deal with all your issues of your computers that may be software issues or hardware issues, its related problems can be solved by using the online platform.


Claims processing servicesWhy Remote IT support services:

  1. No need to wait for your technical assistant to address your problem
  2. We have well-trained hardware and software engineers can quickly respond and
    solve your issues
  3. You can save a lot of time and money
  4. Processes of analysis of problems and quick practical solutions without any delay
  5. Faster problem-solving method with remotely using the online platform
  6. Services ensuring total security of your information and data







What we do:

  1. Online client support with well-trained employees to answer your request 24 hours a
    day through live chat, call center support, telephone support and email support
  2. Handling of issues like email issues, protection for your computer from virus, virus healing, provide security practices complains, driver installation, software updates, network set-ups and management
  3. Software maintenance and Software application support
  4. Computers repair can be addressed remotely
  5. Troubleshooting and real-time bug fixing
  6. Computer support
  7. Remote IT support software

Thakur International is a trusted outsourcing destination for call center services and IT services, supporting the IT system management of organizations, businesses, and companies.

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