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No one likes to get stuck. And when your customer is stumped by a technical or process issue, you want to do everything possible to find a resolution. That’s why responsive and informative technical support is essential.

But recruiting, training and maintaining tech support teams requires a significant investment of time and resources. That’s why sawy companies have discovered the strategic advantages of outsourced technical support.

Thakur International offers skilled and cost-effective support services across a number of industry verticals including:

  • ♦ Environmental Services
  • ♦ Consumer Goods and Services
  • ♦ Telecommunications
  • ♦ Financial Services
  • ♦ Remote Sensing
  • ♦ Geographic information system (GIS)


Thakur International Technical Support solutions cover a wide variety of functional areas such as:

  • ♦ Software troubleshooting
  • ♦ Internet service problems
  • ♦ Virtual assistance
  • ♦ Corporate help desk support
  • ♦ Warranty or post-warranty support
  • ♦ Field technician support line
  • ♦ Upsell/cross-sell programs
  • ♦ Remote sensing data download and dissemination
  • ♦ Geospatial techniques support


Our staff are hired with relevant industry and functional experience and are custom-trained to represent your company’s culture while delivering quality tech support.

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